Tour of NYC Stage 5

(Glenn Bastian) #1

Just finished sta ge 5 and is not showing up any where that I completed it??? Tour started and after 5 minutes I was riding alone. It said at end I completed it this was right after Zwift did an update WTF Now I have to ride it again at 11 am EST. Pretty PO’d

(Nigel Doyle) #2 shows you as having finished:

I assume you haven’t received the completion email? I received mine shortly after completing the stage.

(Glenn Bastian) #3


Yes it does show up in Zwift Power as I did it again at the 11 AM EST. I did the original at 9 AM that as I mentioned after we were out on the coarse all other riders disappeared. I finished and Zwift even said stage complete? Don’t know what happened but I got in done in the next time slot.


(Nigel Doyle) #4

Oh right you are. Well done.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #5

Same thing for me on Stage 4. After the lead-in everyone vanished but me. I saw my distance and the other riders in the live rider list, but there were not riders in the world itself. The distance did not update for the blue event distance bar.

I quit and did the next time slot. That one worked.

(Glenn Bastian) #6

I did not see anybody in the live riders list?


(Alexander Perdon) #7

Yesterday I joined Stage 5 at 10pm (

Just a few kms before the end of the stage I was sent the wrong way. While the sign was right and all others turned right, I was sent straight.

I have tried for another hour to complete the race, but I was riding in circles and I gave up.

Please manually finish my ride so I completed Stage 5 and according to my data on Strava it would be fair to set my finish time to 34:00.


Tour of NY Stage 5 --event never ended, no credit
( Chris Ziggy Moore ) #8

6pm ToNY
A few of us had the Re-routing bug. I never got to the end and had to quit 60km later :dizzy_face::biking_man:‍♂.
A few issues here I think. Fyi ticket submitted.