Tour of New York extra lap

(Stefan Moser) #1

I rode Tour of New York - Stage 1 today at 1:00pm PDT. When I crossed the finish line, it told me I still had 10km to go and ended up riding another complete lap. It seems like it only happened to me, because it told me I was in 1st place for the whole extra lap. Then when I crossed the finish line again, I got the leaderboard screen finally telling me I was done.

In total I rode 41.5km before finishing the event. Here’s the ZwiftPower profile from my event:

Here’s the ZwiftPower profile from someone else in the event:

Has this happened to anyone else? I know there have been a lot of glitches with Tour of New York.

UPDATE: Looking at the ZwiftPower race reports from other people in the same event, I can see that 5 or 6 other people had the same thing happen to them.

(Steve Ellis) #2

There are reports of extra laps and maybe other anomalies here: Tour of NY - stage 3 9AM PDT .

(Nigel Doyle) #3

What about the lead in? Stage 1 had a 10km or so lead in that took you back to the start where you then did a full lap. Total distance for stage 1 was 34.0km. How far did you ride?

(Steve Ellis) #4

41.6 km. Tour of NY - stage 3 9AM PDT

(Richard Riedel 4431) #5

Similar experience at the 11 am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Stage 1 NYC race; having to complete 41.5km vice 31.0km. As far as I could tell in my VR, the first lap of the highline loop did not count toward the race. After that (laps 2 and 3) the distance progress bar incremented toward the advertised race distance. I have contact Zwift support about this but at this time no response.

(Gordon Finlayson) #6

I had the same issue on Saturday (make up day), riding stage 1 at 8am. The km to go counter was behaving strange (going up instead of down) and many others reported the same via the in came chat.

I have raised the issue with zwift support on Saturday but as of this morning still no reply. From past similar issues they will credit the ride but they must be busy given the slow response!

(Vincent W.) #7

Hey everyone, if you have experienced similar issues please send us a support conversation with your log files for that race.

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

BTW, Stage 1 did have a lead in of 7 miles/11 km.

(Stefan Moser) #8

Hey @Vincent, I submitted a support ticket before I posted here, but still haven’t heard anything back. I believe the support site states that I should have heard a response within 24 hours. I have another support ticket submitted about 10 days ago for being sent on a wrong turn during a different Tour of New York stage, and I haven’t heard anything back for that ticket either.