Tour of Makuri Islands [2022]

I don’t know if this is mentioned before but the map of both the longer and the shorter ride are wrong on stage 4.
Longer ride is „Neokyo All-Nighter“ but shows the map of „Chasing The Sun“.
Shorter ride is „Neon Flats“ but shows the map of „Castle To Castle“.

That‘s the routes of stage 1.


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Your Going to have to get good at quick bike swaps :smile:.

How can I figure out which stages are left to complete the tour? I have completed 86 % but all by accident & wonder which stages are still left.

Companion app in the Tour Makuri section, keep scrolling down, eventually you will see stages and whether you have completed them.

Interesting! I get no response when I tap on ToMI progress in Companion. I didn’t realize that did anything for anyone. But I can view progress by clicking on the ToMI tile in the game, and other things like Zwift Academy Road/Tri are tappable in Companion for me.

In Companion, tap the black arrow next to your TOM progress %. On Android.

There is no arrow next to any progress % (ToMI or otherwise). I’m using Companion on iOS 15.


I have the same thing on iPhone. It’s not clickable for me.

Looks like this.

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Same for me re CA. Easiest way for me is from Home Screen.(If of course you have the new Home Screen ?)
Click on Tour of Makuri challenge.

Then look at which stage has not been completed.

EDIT: same as Paul said above.
Using IPAD for CA.

Zwift companion app claims that I am at 86% of the Tour of Makuri Island, but I have completed all stages.

Even if I click on the arrow near the 86% progress bar in the companion app, all stages appear ticked off and “completed”.

I have done all stages and still not at 100%.

What is expected to be unlocked with every stage?
Until now I “only” have the socks and the visor.

thx for clarification. I have new home screen yet but setting up all my rides on app. route selection would be much easier if app would support it. and as Paul wrote, I don’t get anything displayed when tabbing on ToMI in app either.

You also get sunglasses and the full kit. Not sure how they are awarded? I got the socks first, then glasses, visor, kit. Seems to depend on the order you complete the stages, I did them out of order.

I also didnt get any of the normal “you unlocked …” messages pop up on the screen after the stages were complete. I had to exit the ride and then enter the garage through the home screen where the “new item” mark would appear.

Are all of your stages listed in your activity feed?

Seems that I am a little confused.
Caused by my small brain and conflicting progress documentation in the companion app and the in game progress screen.

Companion app says, that I have completed 86% and after one click further i claims that I have completed 100% of the stages. Hence my confusion.
Main game says 86%…

Why are all the make up rides set as races? I don’t race and don’t want to. So I have to ride solo unless I can find people to do a meetup

I don’t see TOM on my Companion App. Where is it?

You may be confusing Tour of Makuri Islands with Race Makuri, a separate series. I believe the make-up events are Nov 25-30.

I am in the same boat. 86% complete in the app, but 6/6 are showing complete in the website.

I found another error in the event description, this time stage 6.

When you select A or B on the main overview page →
longer ride: “Makuri 40”, but it should be “Country To Coastal”
shorter ride: “Turf N Surf”, but it should be “Island Hopper”

Come on Zwift, get your homework done!!!

Had this too but I just refreshed and it displayed properly…

You are right. Strange. :thinking:

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