Tour of London - iOS

Hi all

I signed up to the Tour of London on a windows PC version of Zwift. All signed up and ready to go.

However, I do my cycling on iOS (Ipad).

Per the instructions, must sign up on a non iOS device. So did. But iOS rides will count.

Cycled stage 1 yesterday, but by cycle distance on this challenge is still showing 0.

What have I done wrong?

Tour of London (5 stages) and the PRL Century Mission (ride 100 miles) are two different things. The iOS app has not been updated so miles ridden won’t accumulate, but you can join the Tour of London rides since they’re just regular events.

I believe you can contact support to have your miles added manually.

Thanks. Yes, the two are different things. Although you can do them at the same time! My Kms from Stage 1 didnt add to the total, so I’ve still only cycled 0km. Signed up PC but rode iOS. The T&Cs state you can / should do this, but clearly doesnt work.

It normally does, but we are currently waiting on Apple to allow the update through. It’s taken a little longer then usual this time. Due to how long this is taking, once you have rode the distance needed, 100KM, contact us at Support, and we can verify distance rode manually and credit you the rewards!

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