Tour of London -getting to the starting line ⁉️

Ok, so on the companion app I am signed up, for the Tour. I get on my bike sync up my app on the tablet, it goes to the main screen that has The choice of Watopia & The other, then off to the right side there’s a small feed of the London Tour. The only way I got to the last stage was go to Watopia then a pop up said you want to go ? The it says we have to “ change” countries, by the time it gets me there, everyone is on the way already. How do I get there directly? I can even see the little countdown in the little feed on the right, it’s frustrating. I’m doing stage 2 tomorrow morning, hoping for help soon! Loving this app Thank you!!

Do what you’re doing now (go into the game, click the join button, etc.) but do it 10 minutes before the event starts and you’ll go to the starting area with everyone else and watch the big countdown from there.


It worked thanks

This may be helpful.

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