Tour For All Standings - how does it work

Can anyone explain how the race results lists works? Directly after finishing stages (I cycled 1 & 2) I end up on a specific position (60th out of 280), right? Then hours later, when checking in Companion, I´m on a different position (16th?).

I wonder if there´s some kind of algorithm that adjust our results as long as given stage is ‘open’? I understand that we cycle in chosen sub-groups, but I still don´t understand why I´m moving on a race results list.

Is there a general classifications for the whole Tour, that I just cannot find?

I think that because all of the races start at the same time, the place you see on the screen at the end of the event is your placing out of everyone who started, while the place you see in the Companion app is how you finished in your category.


This is one of the numerous problems with how the Tour for All has been organized. Not only are the categories confusing at first, but the mass starts and then mixed routes adds even more layers to the confusion.

I raced stage 1, during the race my place on the riders nearby list hovered around 60 - 80, at the end of the race it was further back in the 90’s. When I finished the race the Zwift results listed me at 12th place. Then I look on the companion app and I am listed as 2nd place. Then go over to Zwiftpower to get the “real” results and I am in first place.