Tour de Zwift Running Event Race Result Timing Bugs

I did the stage 4 group run last night. The run is exactly 8km. My race result gave a time of 47.45. Now I did all but my first 1km split in under 6 minutes per km. When I add up my 8 x 1km of splits my run time is 46.03. Looking at my pace/cadence/heart rate graph I can clearly see that the 47.45 time took into account some of my warm down period. I can’t quite work out what exactly is happening but I am guessing that maybe your race result time continues to record until you Exit out of the course. I suspect this is the same for all my TDZ runs and probably everyone elses.
Also has anyone else seen the race results where people get times like 4606527 but again they have clearly completed the course.

@Nick_Williams the random string of numbers is usually due to a late join. As far as the time after you’re done you should have 2 times.

  1. The elapsed time from sitting in the pens before the race until you end your activity and save it:

  2. Your race time:

These will never be the same. As you can see my race time was around 11 minutes faster than my activity time since I was in the pens about 10 minutes before and did a little cool down after before saving my activity.

I don’t have an issue with the time in the pen for the elapsed time but looking at the race results for you and those around you I calculated:
Name, Race Time, Total of 8x1km splits, Difference
D Dalton, 57.20, 55.27, + 1.53
T Phelps, 58.36, 55.54, +2.42
D Watson, 59.05, 57.00, +1.53
J Boles, 62.28, 58.25, +4.13
As you can see everyone has a race time slower than their 8 x1km splits by for some people it is a lot worse. eg J Boles did 8km in 58.13 but by the time his race result is calculated it is over 4 minutes longer. Now J Boles kept running at his standard pace for another 3km at least so he didn’t slow down.
Something is plainly wrong and it looks to be associated with how long you keep running after you cross the finish line.
Maybe for the next stage I will screen shot my finish and then compare it to the result.

Regarding the late starters, if I turn up to a real race late I get the time from the Gun to when I finish not some odd number which is the result of a maths error.

I hope this explains it.

Sorry, I copied a couple of those to my reply incorrectly. It should read:

Name, Race Time, Total of 8x1km splits, Difference
D Dalton, 57.20, 55.27, + 1.53
T Phelps, 58.36, 55.54, +2.42
D Watson, 59.05, 57.00, +2.05
J Boles, 62.28, 58.25, +4.03

I’ll pay closer attention Thursday when I run Stage 5, but my only other guess is the race results are including the lead-in section of the run from the pens until you cross the start banner but that distance isn’t being factored in to the total run distance only the time maybe. I’ll try to remember to have my Apple Watch with me so I can do multiple start times:
Garmin Watch from start out of pens until finish banner
Apple Watch from start banner to finish banner

Ok I did the New York stage tonight. I watched the start time was 0.00 when I started. I passed through the blue finish line at 57.11 . Now what’s odd is the result board comes up after that and shows my race time as 58.06 . I grabbed my old cell phone after I had stopped running and my run time since the start of the race is showing up as 57.51 and still counting up. That is 40 seconds after I finished the run time that is still accumulating is less than my race time given by Zwift.
There’s two possible answers to this:

  1. The zwift race clock isnt accurate. The race result of 58.06 is correct by the running time on screen is wrong. I did notice that my treadmill timer and the zwift timer were quite a bit different at the end compared to the start. I put this down to my crappy treadmill but maybe it is ok.
  2. Zwift race results are wrong.
    I will try to post a photo Anyway if you have a watch to record your run time it should be obvious what’s going on.
    Good luck with your run. My Zwift run pod robbed me of 0.3km/h for the whole run so that’s close to 2 minutes at my slowed pace grrr

As I was in the starting pen almost 4 minutes before the start I don’t think any of this is to do with the time in there, Apologies for the fuzzy photo, this was the best one!