Tour de zwift jersey

Completed all stages tour de Zwift 20/20 had email confirmation but no jersey in garage

Hi @paul_harlow, I got mine after exiting Zwift following my final stage during the make up period and logging back in the next day. The Jersey was at the top of the list in the garage, plus the achievement banner showed up as soon as I spawned in Zwift. Have you tried exiting and going back in?

@paul_harlow I’m showing you have 100% completion for Tour de Zwift on this end.

What stage is showing incomplete on your end? Can you screengrab the game app’s home page where the thumbs up icon indicates TDZ stage completion?

I’ve got the same issue. Just did the stage one race this morning, did all the others during the regular time, not the make-up time, but no jersey or notification.


You and Paul are in the same boat. What does the home page of the game app (not the Zwift Companion app) show for you? Do you have all the stages completed with thumbs up icons?

So what would I see on the actual ZwiftApp on my Macbook? If there, where do I find that? All my results are on Zwift Power, so those show I’ve completed each stage, and on MyZwift it shows all 7 races there.

This screen

Going through emails I found I didn’t receive an email after finishing stage 5 in New York.

Nope, don’t have that. Everything else says I have completed them though. Should that show even incomplete? If so, it’s never been there.

If you don’t see that on your main screen then you may be on a older version of Zwift.

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Dug a little and you’re not seeing that TDZ thumbs up screen because you’re still on version 1.0.41943 of the game app. If you update the app, you should see all stages with a thumbs up icon like in Mike’s post.

Everything on my end indicates you completed TDZ.

Also: you have an older version of MacOS as well - is that a computer that can’t be updated to Catalina, or are you intentionally choosing not to auto-update your OS? There are valid reasons not to auto-update, so not judging - I’m just curious.

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Started my account Oct. 25th of 2019. How do I update if that’s an old version?

It’s a mid 2015 Macbook Pro. I know it just updated something the other day, but not sure what it was. How do I update the app? I looked a little bit while just in it, but I didn’t notice anything.

The game app should update itself when you fire it up. If it’s not doing that, you may have auto-update disabled. Please have a look at that link on Apple’s support site.

Very important: enabling auto-update may also mean your OS updates automatically. Starting with Catalina OS, Apple tightened app security settings. If you fire up the Zwift app, you may be prompted to give Zwift permission to access the Documents folder. Say yes.

If you don’t the app will not launch properly. More details on Catalina permissions in this thread.

Auto update is on. I’m trying to make room on a portable drive to do an auto backup so I can update to the new OS.

Figured it out. Opening from my dock, it wasn’t updating, opening from launchpad and it auto updated.

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Same problem here. I don’t know what I do wrong.
7 stages complete but no kit

I have this issue too. All stages complete and no email or tdz kit :frowning:

Same here. No email, no thumbs up boxes. All stages show in my activities. Catalina 10.15.3. I think the version of zwift on my MacBook is 1.0.45663. Think that’s right?

Finished stages 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 between February 10 and today. Except for stage 5 I got all mails, also today for series complete. No jersey.
Mac app not checked yet.

Edit: Mac app checked, it’s 1.0.45663. No thumb up boxes.

What can be done?