Tour de Zwift Credit

(Sonja Weber RIDE4CF) #21

Hey there,
@Vincent I have the same problem, got disconnected just before the end of stage 6, like on hairpin 3. All the other riders disappeared, I could ride to the end, even got the finish screen, but on saving, the file did not upload from the Apple TV. I submitted everything (Garmin file and photos) with a ticket two days ago to get credit, but no answer yet.
Thanks for sorting this out!

I just got an email that the ride cannot be restored but I will get credit for the stage, so thanks to Zwift support!


(.) #22

Because I wanted to see a schedule for the next TdZ stage I ended up at “Tour de Zwift Progress”. Scanning this page I see an incomplete status for “Stage 6: Road to sky”.

At the start I’ve missed the first few 100 meters due to slow startup of Zwift. Can this status be updated to complete?
Or is it because I did a full jungle circuit lap after completing the stage?


(Richard) #23

So I received a reply from Zwift support. My question was not answered and the .fit file I attached appears to have been ignored. Right now, I’m still none the wiser if Stage 6 of Tour De Zwift can be credited (I sent .fit file as evidence!).

However, in the reply I was asked to send the log files so the issue could be investigated further. I sent the log files 3 days ago… still waiting for a response.

@Vincent_Williams1 When you submit a ticket, there’s a claim that Zwift aims for 24 hour responses. I don’t think this is correct.


(Richard) #24

4 days since… no response.


(Richard) #25

On the 8th day, I’ve now received a response.

It’s not possible to include the ride (I sent a .fit file for the full stage 6) to my dashboard. This means I wont be credited for the Elevation or the random gift from the spinning wheel of loot when you complete an ascent of Alpe Du Zwift. However, I have been told that I will be credited for Stage 6 of the TdZ and I need to wait a couple of days for this to show up on my account. Let’s see what happens.

Since Stage 6 is the only stage missing from my progress on TdZ, I hope that this means it’ll all work itself out before the make-up days come around. If it doesn’t, I’ve also been advised that I can re-do Stage 6 on a make-up day (great… thanks…:frowning:)


(salminho) #26

Can you assist please i’m after a credit for stage 3. Thanks


(Paul) #27

You should submit a ticket: