Tour de Zwift Credit

(Vincent) #1

Hey all

We are working actively to fix issues with misrouting on Tour de Zwift.

After some investigation, it looks like some Zwifters are on old game versions of Zwift. I highly suggest making sure you are up to date. While this is not the only cause for the misroutes, it will help us narrow down where the issue lies. If you are on the latest build, and have been misrouted - please open a support request with your logs from the affected event, and we will investigate further.

If you did not receive credit due to the misroute please send in a support request as well and our technical support team will assist you as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping and being patient with us!


Was my Stage 3 ride the wrong course?
(Robert Breu) #2

I have opened a support request two days ago but didn’t got any response so far. Can I check the status of the request anywhere?

(Stephen Clutty) #3

I have also open a ticket as this tour has not been right from the start…Resistance is not in sync with the route and having issues like when climbing resistance kicks in and kick out of after a while even though the gradient is still the same. Like wise for going down hill at times feels like a 8 percent uphill gradient. whats going on?? Not enjoying this tour at all. Done a few tours London, Continental and Innsbruck and they have all be fine.

(Vincent) #4

Hey I responded to your ticket, take a look at it when you can!

@Stephen_Clutty Are you only experiencing these resistance issues while doing the Tour de Zwift? Are you only using your trainer to ride or are you using other devices as well?

(Stephen Clutty) #5

@Vincent yes since I started doing this tour all other tours have been fine. Trainer is connected via bluetooth to my MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro is hard wired. Companion running on iPhone XR via wireless. No other devices on bluetooth

(Vincent) #6

Thanks for the details Stephen! Have you tried closing Zwift, unplugging your Trainer, then restarting Zwift and pairing your trainer again to Zwift directly (not to your laptop)?

If so, please provide your log files to your support ticket if you have not already so our technical support team can look into the ride with more detail.

(Lee Harding (TFC)) #7

Hi, I sent a support request in over 48 hours ago and received zero response. Can you assist please i’m after a credit for stage 3. Thanks

(Vincent) #8

Hey Lee, you’ve received a reply. :slight_smile:

(Lee Harding (TFC)) #9

brilliant thank you Vincent, thank you for your help.

(Andy Garrison) #10

@Vincent, I’m about 4 days into a support ticket with no response, too. Would it be possible to get it looked at and credited? Thanks

(Peter Maxwell {DonkeyLabel}) #11

I went a different way in the January fondo today January 13, 2019. I also went a different way Friday during stage 4 TdZ. I’m using the Cyclops hammer and an android Samsung Galaxy S9. Am I supposed to choose a route?

Thanks for your help…

(Paul Thomas) #12

Must be a fair few of us as ive also had no response to stage 4 not updating

(Stephen Clutty) #13

@Vincent just did stage 5 Tour Du Zwift still had out of sync cadence and wattage being the opposite to the course gradient…not fun at all. But on my support ticket they know there is a problem and working hard to rectify, so will bear with it but really worried about the Stage 6 as it the alps hope this is sorted in time for that this Saturday.

(Jonathan) #14

Is there a setting somewhere that dictates if one gets post-ride completion notification or not?

I have never seen a completion email, but have completed Tour of London and all of Tour de Zwift so far with no issues (knocking on wood…)

That said, it’s easier to tell what stages I have credit for in Tour de Zwift given the startup screen and dedicated website.

(Justin Jordan) #15

Sent an email to support a few days ago but haven’t heard back.

I completed Stage 5 TDZ and never got credit in the app and thus my workout never synced with training peaks, garmin, etc.

While that’s not a big deal since I can manually enter the miles and such, I have not received credit in the zwift app for stage 5 even though I completed the stage and also received an email stating the same.

Please help. I’d rather not redo stage 5 just so I get full credit for the entire tour.


(Richard) #16

I completed Stage 6, but had the disappearing riders issue during the ride. When I reached the end I did not see the scoreboard and was not credited for completing the stage.

I sent a message to support with the .fit file for the Stage 6 activity attached but have not received a reply yet.

(Lee Harding (TFC)) #17

Hi Vincent,

I can’t see that i’ve been credited with Stage 3? Can you confirm please. Its still ‘outstanding’ on my profile?


(Perry Venema) #18

Also waiting for the credit. Crashed 1k before the finish of stage 6, big dissapointment. Almost two hours of riding gone…

(Steve) #19

Hey @Vincent

I completed stage 6 of the Tour de Zwift, but ran into a network error and did not receive credit for the ride. I submitted a support ticket with my .fit file and received a reply from Kelsie that I’m out of luck on getting credit for this stage. Is this the new policy that network issues will result in me having to climb the Alp again? Is there anything that can be done for this one?



(Richard) #20

@Vincent I think Zwift Staffers need to be aligned.

You say to contact support regarding uncredited rides and another staffer says credit can’t be given?

Mixed messages are no help to anyone and will just alienate your consumer base.

What is the correct answer?