Tour De Zwift - 2nd stage

(Russ) #1

Hi Zwift team
I completed the Stage 2 (Tour de Zwift) event yesterday at 4pm but in the companion app it does not state that It has been completed, also I understand that an email should have been received to confirm this? A couple of friends did this event at the same time as me and they have received the ‘Event finished’ flag in the companion app but I didn’t, even though I carried on cycling for a few hundred metres further than them. Please could you investigate this?

(Wes) #2

Head over to and make sure you’re logged in and you’ll see your progress bar.

If you have two sections complete, you got credit. :ride_on:

(Russ) #3

Hi Wes
Thanks for the prompt response. I’ve checked this and it isnt showing on the progress bar that any sections have been completed. I missed the 1st stage which I will do st the end. I definitely did the 2nd stage, does this mean I will have to re-do it?

(Wes) #4

@Russ_Goff head on over to so the support team can get your credit all sorted out. Once it’s fixed on the back end, the progress UI on the web and in-game will be updated.

(Russ) #5

Will do, thanks Wes