Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

Thanks James …

Ok… the dust clouds need to be addressed again. Can we please tone them down? Riding these large group events in the jungle with a constant dust cloud on your screen is a bit much. As soon as the road goes downhill and speed picks up you can’t see anything.

I ride and race gravel IRL and it is never that bad, in fact, I never see hardly any dust when riding IRL. What does actually happen IRL is mud flinging up from those in front in wet conditions. Dry conditions are fine for visibility.

Please either tone it down or better yet, remove the dust completely from the dirt routes.


I do see dust on a regular basis when riding on gravel, but there is always a motor vehicle involved. I guess it’s the wind tunnel between the wheels that makes it airborne. And yes, I also find it annoying on Zwift.


I have raced dry dusty roads IRL and don’t want to have it replicated I Zwift. It reminds me of dry eye lences, using bottle to clear the glasses and sand in my eyes and mouth. It’s too realistic Zwift! Please!


Apart from that, I love the jungle! The scenery is great and the hills have just the right gradient and length for me to barely hang on. I wish there was more going on on these courses.


Just a quick note to point out an apparent discrepancy in the elevation in the the Stage 5 Long Ride/A.
Has anyone else noticed that they are doing only around 257 m (843 ft) on that route, rather than what is listed in Companion>Events, i.e. 318 m (1045 ft)?

More info in this thread:

Yep, I think we had that listed wrong. It also appears to be wrong on both Zwift Insider and Zwift Hub.


I have just noticed that my TDZ runs are showing up in Zwift Power as rides. Is that normal?

Normal. Group rides show up on ZP, but only races earn ranking points.

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All my TdZ runs so far are listed on Zwiftpower as rides. I’ve only been running on Zwift for about 2 weeks though and I haven’t run outside the TdZ yet so I don’t know if it’s “normal”.

As far as our system is concerned, a group run is set up as a group ride, but for running. Don’t ask.


TDZ, It’s fun!

I still have not gotten credit for Stage 5 of TDZ that i rode at 10am CST in Dallas. I rode the A distance.

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Real talk: I’m about 2/3 of the way to the Z1 unlock. Once I get it, I likely won’t ever swap out bikes - it’s a great all-rounder, never mind a badge of honour that you’ve put in the work. (EDIT - OK, I may swap to a TT bike for literal TTs, climbing-specific bikes/wheels for record attempts etc…Z1 will be the daily-driver)

Loving the tour, and the variety of routes. It’s my first one and I’m taking the opportunity to unlock a tonne of route badges I didn’t have yet, sometimes it’s Cat A, sometimes Cat B or C.

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Why is the elevation data on Zwift’s website so incredibly incorrect? For example, stage 6 on the long ride. Zwift’s website says 900 feet of elevation gain. Actual is 1700. Come on, Zwift. This is a constant issue in both directions. Such simple mistakes shouldn’t be happening.

What happen if we missed a stage? Will there be a reopening of stages for those who missed a stage or two. I missed my chance to do Stage 5 :disappointed:

From the FAQ above …


I’m relatively new to Zwift, and other than a few races my group rides have been in this latest TdZ. Is it just here that has the crazy camera zoom out when, for example, you get to the top of a climb? Is there a way to turn that off? It’s quite difficult to stick with the people you’re riding with if you lose visuals of where you are, even for a few seconds. At the top of the Box Hill climb in stage 6, it must have been 5 seconds or so before the view returned to the camera 1 position I normally prefer.

That zoom-out occurs on certain summits anytime you ride through a certain point in the route. If I recall correctly, it happens on Alpe du Zwift, at the Radio Tower summit, and at the top of the climb you mentioned. There might be others. I guess it’s there for the wow factor, to show off the graphics.

Unfortunately, it’s baked in and cannot be turned off by the user, but I think there’s a workaround whereby you switch to camera 8 (helicopter), before the zoom-out kicks in. That doesn’t really help you, since it’s still difficult to observe riders around you compared to camera 1.


You will want to swap for a MTB when riding in the Jungle.
Fortunately, the Zwift MTB and the Tron bike are next to each other in the garage.

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