Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling FAQ

I signed up for a time slot and want to change it now, but can’t seem to get out of it? I am now signed up for 3 time slots in one day… How can I cancel the ones I don’t want to participate in?

Easiest way is on the companion app - click the tick on the event and it will turn back into an orange plus, meaning you’re no longer entered.

There has been some confusion on the zwift webpages for each event but I have found the Zwifthacks events page the easiest way to get to the correct zwift event pages.

  1. Click on the link above

  2. Click the TdZ button which looks like this Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 23.05.19 to filter the events to just Tour events

  3. Click on the title of the event you want to cancel, that will expand the ride details and give you a link to “

  4. Click that and you’ll be taken to the zwift page for that event - you’ll see a green tick next to the event you entered - click that and it will turn back into an orange plus sign - you’re now cancelled from that event

Hope that helps

Ok, now I see how I got some info mixed up between the rides and the races.

Thanks, Shuji. I see that now, yeah.

Thanks Paul, that helped! I would have never figured that out…

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Any women having problems trying to register for tdz on the app? It will only show me women’s rides which is beyond annoying. I had to go via a webpage link to do B mixed group ride as I usually ride with my husband.

Ok figured it out. Changed setting!

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Is it possible to combine runs and rides to complete the requirements to unlock the cycling kit? I ask because I will be on a business trip during the 7th stage and the make-up week and will only have access to a treadmill.

Has anyone had issues with the ride times being wrong for Stage One?
Looking on Zwift Power, myself and about 10 other riders have times of 23:59:59 which I’ve never seen before.
I may be slow but I definitely wasn’t 23 hours behind the leader!

Hi Graeme,

I assume you joined late. This usually happen when riders join after the ride started.

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That could be it.
For some reason Zwift wasn’t playing ball today and wouldn’t let me join the ride.

Zwift get very busy with these big events, the trick is to get on your bike early (10-15min early) ride around until you see the Join event in the bottom left corner then around 6 min before the event click Join event. You will be transported to the starting pen where you can warm up a bit more.

Also Pick the event and group in the companion app before opening Zwift.

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Hello, does anybody know where and how is made the main clasification of Tor the Zwift 2020? How I can check my current position i my “D” group? I can see only clasification in my event (today at. 12.01). On the Zwift Power I cant find me on the list at all :frowning:

Hi Adam,

Can you see your older races and rides on Zwift power.

The Leagues tab on Zwift power get updated about every 24 hours.


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is it possible to do a workout, while riding Tour de Zwift (or any other event?)
I’d like to do Tour de Zwift, but not if this means skipping the workouts…

Thanks in advance!

Certainly over 65 would be popular!

No, the tour stages are either group rides (although people ‘race’ them fast!) or races. This means they’re a special event category so you cannot do a workout at the same time.

Does it make a difference in group rides? Or do you specifically mean races, where you’re actually competing for places?