Tour De Watopia Makeup Days schedule

(L PedalWench) #1

I will need to makeup Stage 1, 2 and 7 on the makeup days.  I need to make plans for one of those days, and I really need to know what times the stages will be.  No one seems to be able to tell me when I can do those stages on the makeup weekend.  HELP!!!

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #2

What? I missed the first day because I was traveling and have not done it because it said I need to ride all 7 - and I MISSED the first.

Why didn’t Zwift notify us more clearly AND early about this ride AND about make up days!


(Garrett Shaw) #3

They were pretty clear about the opportunity for makeup days before the tour started.

But to L PedalWrench’s comment, they _aren’t _clear on how those would be made up. They technically say all stages could be made up, and every stage has been hard-scheduled out, with the exception of the makeup days.

(Nick Adams (B)) #4

I would like to know the answer to the original question, too: On the make up days, will all seven stages be available at each normal start time (every two hours: even hours CDT, odd hours EDT)? Or will each makeup stages start at different times? If so, what will the times be?

(Achim ThePower) #5

I accept that the rules but still suffer that I had no chance to do Stage 1 and can’t ride during the make-up days while having plenty of time during the gaps between stage 2&3, 5&6 and 7 & make-up. So I would suggest that one can ride any stage whenever he likes during 1st April to 30th April. Of course it is much more fun participating in the group rides rather than going alone. Therefore the participation in the group rides would still be impressingly high while more riders would be able to complete the wholes series.

(Charlie Issendorf) #6

The weekend of April 28 & 29 will be the make-up days and the full schedule will be announced next week.  Every 2 hours, all 7 stages will available.  

Here’s an example (start time is for reference only):

9am: Stage 1

9:10am: Stage 2

9:20am: Stage 3

9:30am: Stage 4

9:40am: Stage 5

9:50am: Stage 6

10am: Stage 7


11am: Stage 1

11:10am: Stage 2

11:20am: Stage 3

11:30am: Stage 4

11:40am: Stage 5

11:50am: Stage 6

12pm: Stage 7



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(Garrett Shaw) #7

The whole schedule, though, revolves around the world schedule and when Watopia hits on the calendar. I’m not familiar with _why _the world schedule is planned out like that (technical/programming issues, developer decision, etc.), but it is what it is.

Aside from the lack of transparency regarding how the makeup days will work (as Nick and PedalWrench mentioned), they were pretty forthcoming on the rest of the schedule.

(Achim ThePower) #8

Thanks Charlie & Garrett - I forgot that obviously you can only ride the Tour de Watopia stages when Watopia is on the calendar. But that still leaves the question if it would be technically possible to let the riders choose freely the course. Is it maybe correct to assume that the stages with the format like a race are not fully identical with the same named ride that one can select? Or if more make-up days could be offered during the regular stage days, e.g. allowing me to ride stage 5 today (regular) and stage 6 tomorrow (make-up)

(L PedalWench) #9

Charlie!!!  That’s WONDERFUL!   It’s gonna hurt, but I can definitely do stages 1, 2 and 7 on the evening of the 28th and all day on the 29th.

Wow.  Really gonna hurt…   





Leslie (aka Pedal Wench)

(Hernan Romero) #10

I’ve ridden several stages on my own time, not necessarily the same as the scheduled group ride, but I’ve ridden on the days posted.  Do these stages count?