Tour de Oz stage confirmation

Hi Guys, quick one. I received 2 emails from Zwift advising I’ve completed stages 1 and 2 or the tour de oz when in fact I’ve completed the first 3. Just hoping all 3 I’ve done so far count and the 3rd email was delayed?


I don’t think the confirmation process has all of the kinks worked out. I got an email the other day saying that it looked like I hadn’t gotten a confirmation for stage 1 when I had.

Looks like you’ve completed the first 3 stages of the Tour de OZ according to your activity log. If you don’t get credit for completing an event, submit a ticket and we’ll investigate it for you.

Thanks Sean, how do I tell if it’s given me credit?

If the ride is showing correctly in your MyZwift Dashboard then you should have gotten credit for it. If you are ever unsure, feel free to ask us and we can double-check that for you.