Touch Screen (on screen controls) for Windows tablets

(Greg Taylor (Team JFT)) #1

Hey guys… feature request. I am using a Surface Pro for my PC mounted on a tablet stand so it sits just in front of my hands. I also run an HDMI cable to my TV when I want a bit more immersive experience. Anyway… my request is for on screen controls that are touch optimized (but still work with a mouse, etc) Currently I need to bring up the onscreen keyboard to hit “spacebar” to activate a power up, same for other commands. It would be great if I could just tap the powerup icon and had other on-screen controls (icons, etc) much like you would expect on an Android/IOS app.

Windows tablets are really cheap for the power you get from them, support BT and you can just plug in a ANT+ stick in the USB key… plus HDMI out. I am also going to try an 8" Toshiba Encore… super cheap ($149)… curious to see how way the baytrail CPU runs Zwift.

My setup:
Surface Pro Tablet 4GB/128GB mounted on a tablet stand w/ ANT+ stick and BT (running Windows 10 Beta)
HDMI cable from Surface to a 47" TV.


(Michael Dunn KISS A) #2

How did you go with the 8"Toshiba Encore? 

I would rather get a Win 10 tablet than stuff around with Android and IOS.