Touch screen on PC not working [February 2024]

Ok maybe this is known but I didn’t see anything on it. On PC, when exiting the game using a mouse, you click the door and get a pop up that says I’M DONE. When you click that it says EXITING. But that same PC when using the touch screen, the message doesn’t change from I’M DONE. There is no feedback to indicate that you have actually “clicked” the button. If you click it multiple times (since you don’t know for sure you did it right) the game sometimes crashes.

Hi @Christopher_Russell, welcome to Zwift Forums. Gerald here from Zwift Support!

I imagine that you would like to log out from the Zwift game by using the touch screen. However, the touch screen is not supported at this time. You can continue using your mouse to click the log-out button.

You misunderstand. It isn’t that you can’t do it. The button actually works. The issue is that the image doesn’t change. In essence, it works without looking like it works. Every other button works indicates use. That one is the only one I have found that doesn’t.