Totals not adding up

(John Vrachnos) #1

Has anyone else seen the totals not adding up? For example: ALL TIME totals being less than 30 DAYS totals. One would think the ALL TIME would be the higher of the two.

(Kevin Jackson) #2

i have had the same issue now for weeks. and zwift have been no help

(Samuel Mendelow) #3

What’s the deal here Zwift!!??

(Bruce Donehoo) #4

I have noticed that before but that was when I accidentally found that page.  The website isn’t very intuitive to navigate.  How do you even get to that page from ???  Or maybe it’s been removed since it wasn’t working right.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

Hello everyone - 

We are aware of the issue in the totals display on Zwift Mobile Link, and will have a fix out for it in our next mobile update. Thanks for your patience!

Bruce - You can access that page from the Zwift Mobile Link app. Use the button in the top left corner once you are logged in to access the Menu page. There you will see 4 options: Peek/Ride, Profile, Feed, and Settings. Select Profile, and you will see the Stats tables at the bottom of the page.


(John Vrachnos) #6

Just got the mobile update yesterday, everything looked good until a new ride was added and the numbers (pizza slices) were off again. Regression test.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #7

Hey John - 

We’re looking at your profile here in the office and everything is looking okay here. Were those screenshots possibly taken in the middle of a ride?

(John Vrachnos) #8

Screen shots were taken after the ride. This morning I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Checked the variance again. This time the slices remained the same?

(Lindsay Ruppert) #9

Hey John-

I’ve had a conversation with our programmers to figure this issue out. The Slices Burned metric is based off of power data or heart rate, not distance traveled. A long, easy ride will burn fewer calories than a short, hard ride, just like real life.

I hope this helped explain what you’re seeing. Ride on!

(virginie dumont) #10

Mar 15 and I see the problem again…when I add up daily distance it dies not equal my total distance

(Bikey Mc Bikeface) #11

Hello, I notice this tread is from over a year ago, but I’m getting the same problem, according to my profile I haven’t ridden at all, but it shows up in last 30 days.

anything I can do?