Total energy needed for a stage

Hi there,
I was wondering whether there is a table where I can compare how much energy an average person with average speeds needs to get a stage done.
This kind of table would help me to compare different stages.
Kind regards from Aachen

I’m not sure there’s an average person per se.

You might be the same age, height and weight as somebody but be totally different in terms of power distribution and capabilities.

It comes with experience. Once you’ve done a few routes you’ll develop an internal brain that helps you predict how much you’ll suffer on the next ride.

you can check the kilojoule expenditure of a ride after it’s done (as long as it’s done with a power meter or smart trainer) with all sorts training apps or strava extensions. there’s no way to know ahead of time because that really depends how hard you ride, what intervals you’re doing etc

Well it’s just related to power and time. So one could calculate the same before hand. Just need to stick to it then :slight_smile:

The “easiest” way is to use bestbikesplit with the virtual routes added there, plug in your weight and power and you get an estimated time that should be fairly close (and usually you will be quicker due to ingame draft)

From the resulting time you can relatively easily calculate the resutling kJ in combination with your power, assume 700-750kJ for around 200W per hour, you do more it’s going to be more, you do less it’s going to be less :wink: 1W = 3.6 Kj/s