Maybe it’s a case of half-full bottle or half-empty bottle. Subscribe to Zwift, support them and let them work. 





I have been playing flight simulators from more than 20 years. People always complain about them being not realistic.   But are the users who do any kind of sim realistic. This sim is so good as you want it to be. The simple fact that you are comparing it with reality make this game/sim absolutely gorgeous. 

Zwift developers know exactly where the game can be improved. Just let them work. 

The experience un Turbo Muin is great, but i accept the problems even with the big problem that have turbo muin. Turbo Muin was the first and original concept for direct transmission. The harder you push, the harder Turbo Muin is getting, so it’s not good for long time at full speed. I had several trainers and i was able to sustain much more speed than in Turbo Muin. But with Turbo Muin i am really improving and with past trainers i was wasting time.

I can sign all your concerns, but keep the faith and the money support on Zwift. 

I am quite muscular on my legs (86kg) and usually not passed in the game, sustaining 3kg/w it’s hard to surpass me. Yesterday i was passed at 5kg/w by a group of more than 10 cylists. I hate that, i am quite competitive. But i am going to make the sim realistic and not cheating changing my weight to 60kg. So, even with the zwift problems, you are the ultimate responsible for making it “real” and having fun with it. Ride on!

That’s a very funny post. On the one hand you have problems with the bad “wheelsuckers” and on the other hand you are to slow on descends. That´s very realistic because of the draft effect. On the real road, it is possible to save 30 percent power when drafting. You need a group on the descend!!! The “wheelsuckers” together are always faster than one guy alone. Biking is teamsport and we use Zwift because we don’t want to ride alone in the dark without friends.