Too tedious doing a workout on a selected route

It is far too difficult to start a workout on a specific route - unless you pick one of the three random routes suggested for you.

Firstly, the three proposed routes aren’t relevant to the challenge I’m doing . The second stage of the climbing challenge - and I’m being offered flat-ish routes.

To select a specific route in the old menu I had to:

  • press the WORKOUT button
  • choose the appopriate workout.
  • on the left list of course, change sort to altitude.
  • pick a route
  • pick RIDE

On the new menu I had to:

  • press WORKOUT button
  • choose the appropriate workout
  • see that the recommended 3 routes aren’t relevant
  • press the CANCEL button
  • press the JUST RIDE buton (and the game starts)
  • click somewhere to get the MENU button visible
  • press the MENU button
  • press the WORKOUT button
  • scroll right in the list of workouts for the training plan I’m doing (since it showed the first one in the workout which I’ve already done)
  • scroll left because when I scrolled right it imnmediately moved me to “next weeks” plans, rather than showing the last workouts that I haven’t done yet
  • select the correct workout
  • THEN I’M IMMEDIATELY back in in the game and the workout timer is running - which I wasn’t ready for since my keyboard and mouse aren’t on top of my handlebars.

As you can see, the new menu system is FAR slower than the old menu.

This is on the roadmap to be updated in the next release in April, lots of complaints about it similar to yours.



I never used to pick a workout before I started riding.

So I pick a route start riding. I like a bit more warmup time.
Press “E” to go to the workout menu select workout and click ok.


I always select the route first, i usually have the warm up built into my work out.

This is when I was doing workouts as part of a training plan, so the warm-up is included in the training plan workout

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I do realize that the warmup is part of the workout. The steps is the same even if you don’t want extra warmup.

I think the point of the thread is that the steps shouldn’t be the same.

I understand the request, and Zwift said they are working on it.

But what I try to say is it is not as bad as suggested in the OP.

It used to be trivial for me to start a workout, now it is not trivial - it takes a lot longer.

Indeed it isn’t even intuitive as to how it works at the moment.

I will wait to see what improvements they make in April to get a workout from a training plan going more quickly.

Just my 2 cents.
I always pick my route first, warm up on selected route, calibrate trainer then press “E” for work out.

I also don’t understand the issues with pairing devices.
I often log in , skip pairing and jump into the pen to hold my spot in a ride or to late start a ride.
You can pair anytime. No big deal.

I’m still using the old log in UI and I’m happy with it.

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I guess I should clarify that the OP describes the old and new process when choosing to do a workout as part of a pre-selected Training Plan.

With the new UI you can do just as Tim described. That is also how I used to do it with the old UI and now with the new UI.

The big difference is now you can’t select a specific route and workout in the home screen, but that is being worked on.

I never liked the warm-up being part of the workout. The warm-up I need changes depending on the day. I mostly build my own workouts because this annoys me.

I haven’t tried the new menu yet, but when I saw they required selecting the route then entering the game first before selecting a workout I felt that would be more cumbersome for folks who were used to choosing the route and workout at the same time as they already could. So I’m glad they are fixing it.