Too pricey for my very occasional use thanks. Pensioner!

Just spending the weekend babysitting house and grandchildren. Too much temptation even in this nice weather not to try out the expensive toy in the garage! Most impressive software and looks to be endlessly entertaining compared to my rather outdated and mind numbing system back home. Another ‘free’ ride tomorrow perhaps and then I will cancel the account I am afraid as I am not back here until I cover another week in October. 

Good luck with your developments, I will watch with interest. 

Hey Paul - I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Zwift so far. I know when the weather is nice, it is a bit tempting to take the bikes outside and setting everything back up with Zwift afterward can be a bit of and undertaking.

No worries, though - when you’re ready to cancel, please reach-out to Apple.

If the clouds start rolling back in later this year and you’d like to continue with us, you have the option of either contacting Apple to reinstate your subscription, or you could consider signing up through the Membership section of your Zwift Dashboard:

Either way, we’ll keep all of your experience, levels, badges, and activities so you can start where you left off if you choose to come back. Please keep in mind that even as an unsubscribed member, you’ll still receive a free 25km worth of rides on the first of every month.

We’ll be hoping to see you in Zwift again once the rains begin!

Zwift is way cheaper than the average cost of a gym membership.

True,however there are a LITTLE more included in a gym membership than just a gaming software…

My original comment was in no way meant as a criticism just an explanation why I was cancelling the trial week. When I was a worker I would probably have purchased a smart trainer and this software which I found to be novel and fun. I intend buying a month subscription later this year when I go to house sit again unless the autumn weather is exceptionally nice. All ‘services’ have a cost but I have drawn a line at two National Cycling memberships, my Club membership and STRAVA. My old fluid flywheel from 1980 still works and of course I still have my ‘rollers’. I used to use a local gym - jogged there with the dog, turned around and jogged back thinking of all the money that I was saving for my young family :sunglasses: