Too much censorship?

Hello, I tried to type the word hentai in the Zwift chat, but unfortunately it was hidden with ******.
I thought western society don’t like censor, but this word is clearly censored. Isn’t it too much censorship?

This is a Japanese originated word which just mean “not normal”, and I know it’s acquired in the Western society in bizarre way. However it’s also used as a good way, like (Zwifter)“I trained on my bicycle trainer for four hours yesterday” (Non-Zwifter)“What!? four hours on trainer? you are hentai!(not normal)” and it conveys respect to whose training discipline is so outstanding(not normal).

I understand the “Western” meaning of this word, but I just use it to show respect to others. Could you please lift the censorship on this word which used as a respect. I respect Western societies that value freedom of speech. I oppose censorship on this word.

Do you have the language filter ON or OFF? I don’t know if Zwift still censors some words even if you have the language filter OFF.

Thenk you, and I was already informed about it in the facebook group. Yes language filter is ON, and it is the direct cause of the hidden word. If I turn the filter off, it’s visible only for me but not others. What I wonder is if it’s appropriate to hide this word for the first place. It used to be a word which contains somewhat “pervert”-ish meaning (not normal => pervert), but it’s now clearly used to praise or show respect to someone using “hentai” (not normal => outstanding). If the language filter censors this message and keep “you can see the word if you set the filter off” design — it’s sad that even though I set the filter off, others still cannot see the word even though this word is a totally good word. So I ask the question, is it appropriate to have censorship this far?

I suspect that words are added to the deny-list if they have any unacceptable use. For instance, the forums black out the word mas0chist, even though it isn’t necessarily profane or obscene.

Those who are opposed to such censorship should just turn the language filter off.

Whilst this may limit your choices, it (filtering) has a wider benefit for the community. Without some sort of filtering the message threads would quickly become polluted with obsenity. Sad, but true.

Thank you Jim for your reply, but what you talking about is English usage? Please don’t be too English-centric. Zwift is a multi lingual app, and if it’s applied to other language than I speak, for example the word “man” has really inappropriate use (in some language other than English). So, according to your statement, the word “man” must be on the deny list - and it’s clearly what you don’t want. I just speak Japanese language and that should be totally okay.

The problem is that the filters that are used today apply the filters globally (across the platform regardless of what language one speaks. The solution unlikely exists that allows you to use words you want to use and have them xxxxx out for me because I find them offensive but display them for someone from a different country as they will be quite tolerent. Calling language filters “racist” is a step too far, the tech simply hasnt adjusted to the PC world we seem to be moving to.

I think you’re right about the English-speaking bias. However, since Zwift rarely responds to anything on these forums, this is just a philosophical discussion.

I don’t use the word filter, so if you want to call me hentai or man (or anything else), feel free.

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what you talking about is English usage? Please don’t be too English-centric.

Jim isn’t being English-centric. He gave an English example to demonstrate his point, presumably because he speaks English and can therefore come up with an example in English more readily than in another language–it’s a matter of practicality. Do we expect him to use Japanese examples, even if he doesn’t speak Japanese? Apparently hentai (a Japanese word) has taken on a weird western meaning. But there must be Japanese words/sayings which (even in Japan) may be used in multiple ways (some benign, some dubious)? These words/sayings would be analogous to Jim’s example with mas0chist. Ultimately it’s as simple an issue as what T Stephen_Roche said:

Without some sort of filtering the message threads would quickly become polluted with obsenity. Sad, but true.

Probably the word “freak” isn’t censored in the forums (?), and one could easily say, “Oh boy, did you see that so-and-so climbed Ven-Top 25 times today? What a freak!” But if “freak” were censored, I could certainly come up with a replacement word/phrase to describe so-and-so’s effort. Out of legitimate curiosity, aren’t there other words/phrases in Japanese that convey what you mean in wanting to use hentai ?

Edit - have to laugh upon seeing/remember that ■■■■■■■■■ is officially used in Zwift itself as the title for anyone who has done the Alpe 25x :grimacing: …and yet it’s censored right here lol.