Too many users in prime time

(Nils Rune Sæthre) #1


It has now become so many users in prime time that others bikers become more like being in a river. Then the whole feeling of being able to choose other cyclists as one would like to ride with disappers. Please open up for more lanes that one can distribute cyclists on!



(Haavard Flatoy) #2

Totally agree, hope they will be able to do something about it fast.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #3

Just do a U turn. You will be near alone then.

(Paul Allen) #4

Changes are coming, so maybe we will get to choose what world we ride in. Also, Zwift is expanding worlds regularly.

Another tip would be to ride the hills or the mountains since it seems most of the rides are done on the flats.

(E Lamoureux) #5

I agree the ‘flats’ in London & Richmond can appear crowded. Taking to the Hills does thin out the riders significantly. I agree that being able to choose your ‘map’ would be great. 

(Gerrie Delport) #6

Three years ago I did not think I will see a post like this, to many riders. 

Remember the day when Zwift had ghost riders just to fill the roads.


as Paul suggested there are a few options of roads in each world, pick those with a bit of hills. 


(B. Koekkoek ZZRC PACK (C)) #7

Other workarounds are,

  • disconnect from the internet during your ride

- modify your Zwift prefs.xml (either manually or with a tool) to select another world


(mike connor) #8

It appears more and more that the world/course of the day is getting over crowded and in turn negatively effecting the customers experience.

Solution Hit list:

* At login, offer the selection of any of the three worlds (a 4th world, 3 mile velodrome in the ocean would be fine too)

* User profile add an option to make races and group rides invisible to the rider

* User profile add an option to only see riders of power groups (A, B, C, D, E or Sole)

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #9

Many good suggestions, and until Zwift makes possible changes to ease the congestion, I think the U-Turn option is the best.  When I feel crowded, I ride the courses backwards, and there are less bikes swallowing me up, plus you can laugh at the riders on the other direction that look like some undulating mass of jelly as they pass you by.  

(mike connor) #10

Yes, I have noticed more and more graphical artifacts too.
I seem to feel the architecture is there already, the Fondo today only showed a limited number of riders at the start and during the ride.
We just need a profile option added.

(E Lamoureux) #11

For those following this conversation - interesting post on ZwiftInsider today -

(Haavard Flatoy) #12

@Mike Connor

Love all those solutions, if Zwift added all three I am pretty sure there could be ~20k people online without feeling crowded :slight_smile:

(Alan Westwood) #13

I stopped using Zwift a year ago because of this, and only started again recently when I discovered that I could use the pref file edit to pre-select a world - I now always choose one off calendar. Since it can be achieved so easily, it would seem exceptionally easy to allow a proper user choice on the startup screen, no more than a few minutes of coding surely. If my Zwift routes get over crowded again, I’ll end my subscription again, simple as that - there are several good alternatives now.

(Mark „Tsu“ Mark (D)) #14

Rer the U-turn workaround: The constant stream of objects moving in the opposite of my direction irritates me.

(Knut Thalmann) #15

Alan Westwood, what are the alternatives that you mentioned. I have been using Rouvy VT (CycleOps VT) for many years and just recently switched to Zwift due to most of my riding buddies using it. Thereby my Zwift experience has one major issue that I only can ride ERG mode since Zwift does not offer switching virtual gears for my CycleOps Phantom 5 stationery bike. ERG mode works fine for the workouts but has some issues while racing. With the racing events being one of the drawing points for me to use Zwift since the races are a lot of fun. Other than the races I need to admit Zwift starts to get boring after a bit of time due to the inability to choose different worlds and also mynissuenneeding to ride in ERG mode all the time (Zwift seems to not to care about Phantom 5 riders since they have not addressed this issue for many years now).

(Alan Westwood) #16

Hi Knut - depends what you want. BKool and Tacx, especially the new Tacx Desktop App currently in open beta, are the best for real life videos in my opinion (and both can be used with most smart trainers). Zwift is still the best for competing against other users I think, and for workouts and training plans I reckon TrainerRoad is hard to beat. I’m currently trying the new Tacx App myself because I prefer real life videos to cartoons, particularly of areas I know well, and because I’m not interested in racing or competing except against my own PBs (I raced for real when I was younger but have retired from that long ago!). Also, I find the large number of Zwift users distracting, especially if I want to do a recovery ride at my own pace (so I switch off wifi to remove them, but thats a pretty unsatisfactory workaround really).

(Knut Thalmann) #17

Hi Alan, thanks for the quick response. Appreciated. If you have not checked it yet for real life videos and riding on “real world” roads I can recommend Rouvy VT, above all their premium option ($12 per month so even $3 p.m. cheaper than Zwift). Works pretty well with my CycleOps Phantom 5. I will look into the options that you mentioned as well. Thanks again!

(Alan Westwood) #18

Thanks Knut. I’m a Mac user with a Tacx Flow Smart, so Rouvy is out for me, though I understand that it is very good. Tacx are for the first time providing both a PC and Mac version of their new TDA - though the Mac version hasn’t been opened to public beta yet (imminent release though I’m told). I’m a ‘last resort’ indoor trainer user, only using it when the weather is diabolical, so haven’t invested in one of the top smart trainers (yet, anyway!).