Too Fast


Davis Jefferies Today at 21:22

I am watching r=the Big ride tonight and not one leader has a smart trainer paired. Just another way to cheat. Plus they all have the skinniest avatar. So they all must weigh under 150.

Submit a ticket if you suspect someone of cheating.

maybe we start a fat guy ride for people with smart trainers? I personally don’t care, if someone needs to cheat in a virtual bike riding simulator, I’ll let them have this one…

However, I expect less people are maliciously cheating, and more are just set up incorrectly. 

I really wish there was an old/heavy ride that was competitive. I have yet to find that - either WAY TOO SLOW or WAY TOO FAST to have any fun at all.

I know this would never happen because of egos, but I would love to see a ride/race where everyone is digitally equal almost like a car race - same weights, same bikes, same heights, WITH corrections for age and MAX HRs.

I would love to see some of these 140lb (65kg) riders feel the effort required to haul around 200lbs (90kg). 

I was very sick several years ago and well… everything exercise wise is VERY difficult, especially losing the weight I gained.

I have been SO disappointed with the bike riding community as a whole in understanding how hard it is to lose weight. I am very sad about this. People look at you and if you are big they just assume that you are a glutton and undisciplined. It really stinks.

Any way… people cheat in Zwift ALL the time and sometimes the ONLY way to stay with a group ride is to record a lower weight. I am slowly losing all interest in Zwift after putting in about 1500 miles on it last year.

Think you just have to get over it. Don’t forget light riders have equally hard times keeping up on a downhill?
Too many people get so hung up over Zwift, they’re not good enough, someone’s faster than me, someone’s cheating by fiddling weights. That’s fine leave them to it, it’s them that get a false work out.
End of day Zwift speed, power, effort is a little unrealistic. However does it make an indoor session better, does it pass time better, do you go harder, faster for longer, is your heart rate elevated for longer…YES.
My advice? Use it as a training tool for yourself and what you want out of it.
Leave the Zwift world champion wanna be’s and weight cheaters and trophy hunters, tron bike hunters to it!

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