Too crowded. Please reduce the number of riders to a reasonable number.

(Jarrod Dale) #1

The courses are way too crowded. Races with 1000 people are nonsense. There needs to be a way to reduce the traffic. Watopia is pretty and it’s a nice ride, but currently I am constantly bumping into other riders. Thin the heard.

(Pawe�l� Pacholski) #2

Mayby new maps will be good idea. We pay a lot of money for few courses, which are crowded. I think that every ride with one group should has separate map.

(Paul Allen) #3

New expansion to London is coming very soon and we should also be seeing an expansion to Watopia. I here ther might also be a new world coming this year and the ability to select which world you want to ride on.

(Les Kennedy (C)) #4

I like joining the organised rides that block out the other riders. Much easier to see who you’re riding with there.


Anyway - it’s New Year so the numbers are higher. It will drop off shortly. :slight_smile:

(Bob Venturi) #5

Unless there is some technical reason why they can’t allow us to choose a course, I don’t see any reason why this hasn’t been implemented yet (and yes, I know about the Worlds hack).  As others have said, the overcrowding is now an issue.  I rode Richmond the other day, and you were constantly riding through (literally) other riders because there was no place else to go.

Initially, for the social aspect, I thought keeping everyone in the same world was a good idea, but now, with so many riders, it is time to break things up.  You would still probably have a 1,000 or more in Watopia and London at any one time.

(Nigel Doyle) #6

I agree. Richmond the other day was just rediculous.

(_ Iron Osprey IMTX) #7

It is getting too crowded. Zwift is getting more popular and fast and that is a good thing!

The answer is for Zwift to implement more servers. So, you could have, say, 3 Watopia “lobbies” and it would show how many people are active in each one and you (and your friends) can join the room you want. 

I suspect that with the new employees they are hiring more good stuff will come in time. Zwift needs to look at things like xbox live as to how they can make the online world better. Other stuff I would like to have is a friends list within the game, the ability to join riders in progress, more achievements and earn-able customizations  (like what about a helmet with led turn signals). Much much more in the way of stats available online, so you can look up details of specific rides, race results, etc…thru the zwift website and not the app. I would also like to be able to spawn myself in other places in the world. The gaming aspect of Zwift is what has me addicted to it. Why else would I ride up to the radio tower every day and do 10-20 repeats of that hill! :) 

(M Skywalker (STW)) #8

I agree on the crowdiness and have two suggestions for zwift:

  1. number of riders visible as they come into view, could be a configurable amount set in the user settings e.g. 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Perhaps this would also reduce the work rate of the user’s device display;

  2. Option to show only riders in your event (if you’re doing an event) or if doing a workout, then option to switch off event riders.

(Evan Wischik5096) #9

I agree. it felt like I was stuck on the 405 on Friday rush hour. I think they guys at Zwift will understand this.

(Warren P) #10

Totally agree, experience quality has fallen hard with this overcrowding - Zwift is no longer a great escape and a great ride, it’s become more of a grind.

The ability to feel like you are really riding is all but lost when you are basically staring at a swamp of moving pixels on the screen.

I’m back to riding to heart rate, time and distance, just like on a ‘stupid’ turbo trainer. For me this is defeating the object of Zwift, and I have stopped recommending it to anyone. Rather wish I hadn’t championed it so hard before - maybe it would be a bit quieter now :wink:

Seems from this thread and others I’m really not alone. 

Totally respect everything created by Zwift, and also totally respect the problems that come with well-earned fast growth in a business like this. Just hope this feedback is getting heard and we see improvements soon!