Todays party animal 80 palatal

I am promoted from C tot B because when riding a course in the hills i deliver a few watts more then on the flat roads but in the first 5 riders there are three who are cat. A or almost a+, with 69 yrs i have
no chance in the B Cat. can you also degradate when you perform less for a few races

Yes Zwiftpower use your best 3 races over 90 days.

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That was not my question, i asked how it is possible that no. 1,2 and 4 are cat. A or almost A+

O sorry I misunderstood this part.

Probably because they entered the wrong group and there’s no way to stop that.

Maybe Zwiftpower will filter them.

Thanks for you quick reply, but still cannot see why ZwiftPower can promote me from C to B but not see that the top riders are in the wrong cat.
maybe have to put on a few corona kilos

regards Emanuel van Praag

It can be that the organizer didn’t apply a filter. It is a bug

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