Titans Grove Velociraptors?! (and other Easter Eggs)

I realize - at level 26 - I’m relatively new to the game but I still seem to be discovering Easter Eggs along routes.

Today, I saw what appeared to be (mini) velociraptors - Compsognathus (thanks @Tom_Reeves!) - running along the road while doing the KOM!

I wish I’d gotten a better screen shot but was so gob-smacked they were running at me I only got the shot in the rear-view camera.

On the return trip (Big Foot Hills goes through Titans Grove in both directions) I saw them but only as they were running up a hill into the forest. Seems like they’re on some sort of circuit and don’t road-run all the time.

What else haven’t you told us about?! :smile:

NOTE: ZwiftMap.com recently added a new feature: “Places,” which I’ve detailed here: Zwiftmap.com just had an update: "Places"

TL;DR: we can now submit locations of Easter Eggs and, once approved, they’ll show up on ZwiftMap.com.

Always been there. :wink:

Have you seen the indestructable rubber duck?


Haha yes! The sightlines are interesting for these Easter Eggs… I recall rubber ducky being very visible if he’s on your right, almost invisible on the left. Makes doing routes forward and reverse rewarding. (like the honeypot bears)

I’d like to see loads more easter eggs, it would be a quick way to add new interest to worlds that are mostly quite well known at this point. Added gamification too if they were done in ways to allow for collection progress, like the various holiday season stuff they’ve done before.

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Watch for the yeti on Alpe du Zwift. It is rare to see.

It’s a big blue coloured thing that runs along the snow covered hills at the side of the road and apparently also will run across the road. In the 50 times I’ve done ADZ I’ve seen it once only.


I’ve been keeping an eye out, but 0/22 so far for me.

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There’s a lot of interesting Easter eggs and well created details in the Titans - riding with the HUD off can sometimes be a great experience.

Regarding the Yeti I did more than 500 alps before I started to spot him. Now I know where to look I see him ( yes it’s a guy :grin: ) from time to time and it’s always great fun to capture a couple of photos :grinning:

I’ve never seen him cross the road, that would be interesting :thinking:



Yep, there’s loads of this sort of stuff and it’s all pretty cool, helping make the worlds feel alive. Have you noticed Jarvis the bear climbing the tree in that same Titan’s Grove area?

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I thought I saw him…but, no, it was the gnarly tree at the top of a rise that looks like a yeti from the distance. I found ZwiftInsider’s YouTube vid of the real yeti at “turn 4” near the top of Alpe. Seems like one of the most rare in-game events.

Good tip to switch the HUD off! :+1:

Haha yes! On my first ride through Titans Grove I stopped at the top of a hill to watch the bear climb and fall. Nice throwback naming him after the original island.

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And also a quick way to bring the refresh rate to the Makuri level in the other worlds…

Yeah true. :confused:

have you seen the cats playing patty cake in Neokyo on the rooftop climb?


With such poor graphic quality on the Apple TV it is very hard to see things off the side of the road.

think i’ve been missing out on the scenery by using a tablet, i’m going to have to go looking around titans grove now

I think they’re more likely to be Compsognathus than Velociraptor

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Eh? You can’t see the dinosaurs in Titan’s Grove or all the roadside pets in the Makuri Islands? Sounds like your Apple TV is defective.

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Do some running or jogging in Zwift and you might see more surprises. I’ve started running in Neokeyo on occasion where I see a lot more detail at 4 mph than on my bike at 20+ mph.


We all know Carly Cyclesaurus from her popular Halloween group rides. But for the rest of the year, she is a successful entrepreneur who runs a business selling street food in Neokyo.


Haha, that’s what I call recycling :rofl: Well spotted! :+1:

Let me give you a hint. Everyone knows there is one Brown bear called Jarvis which climbed the same tree for honey across before crashing down in eternity attempts right?

Well do you know there is a sec9nd brown bear roaming near Jarvis on the way to Repack Ridge MTB start point (southbound if entered Titans Grove from the gyser pools first)?

You need a sharp eye to spot it but I assure you its there roaming around.

Good luck spotting.

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