Titanium frame

(Rafael Guerra) #1

Similar to the Cro-Moly frame, lots of riders (I assume) ride ti. Classic geometry (horizontal top) tube is fine, so basically is just a metal rendering of the steel frame.

I currently ride a Litespeed, but soon will get a Van Nicholas, it will be a great insentive to see a ti bike in game similar to mine irl.

Thank you.

(Ray Restow) #2

I second the TI frame, owned a Litespeed Classic until 2009 when I upgraded to a Lynskey Performance R330 Custom polished. 

(Rich Mouland) #3

Another vote for a ti frame. Been riding a Kinesis for a while now and would love a virtual recreation.

(Ray Restow) #4

For the TT practitioners, a Litespeed Blade :wink:

(Mark Kidd (C)) #5

+1 from a Lynskey Ti user her.