Tire Slippage Message / Zwift Companion app

Hi all. I’m using a Cycleops Magneto (dumb) trainer for my training. I have the garmin speed/cadence sensor as well as the heart rate strap. I’m using the NPE Cable bridge to send bluetooth to my Apple TV.

Two questions:

  1. I’m getting “tire slippage” messages periodically when I’m riding. Batteries are good in all my sensors and, I think, I have the Cable positioned properly. Any ideas?

  2. Can I control my Apple TV Zwift application using the Zwift companion application on my iPhone? I tried it today and couldn’t figure it out.

Thank you for your patience with this newbie.


  1. Are you using a trainer tire.

  2. The Zwift App (on your ATV) and the Zwift Companion App (on your iPhone) need to be on the same local network in-order for the connection to be made. You can put the iPhone in Airplane Mode and just turn on WiFi to see if that helps in connecting the 2 apps.

Yes I have a training tire on.

Ok, try this link: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/tire-slippage-warning-ByownhmYr