Tire size adjustment?

(Heather Galindo (Meat Fight)) #1

I currently ride a Trek FX 7.2 with 700x35 tires on a supported dumb trainer (Travel Trac Comp Fluid). I’m definitely going faster that I would be for the same effort level on the road, and it feels a little unfair (though I still get passed by LOADS of people… I’m not winning any races here, more like going 19 mph when I might go 14 on the road), but also make it less of a great training tool. 

I’d been thinking of going to 700x28s, but even that won’t be the 700x23 that it’s calibrated for.  

My question is, is there some way to adjust for a fatter tire? More resistance on the tire? Less? Or am I just stuck?

(Jason K) #2

Tire adjustment has been a feature that’s been requested and we’d like to add, but it involves calculating a whole new power curve for; and as a small studio, we just don’t have the resources to do that right now.

700x28 would probably still be too much of a difference, unfortunately, so the only if you can’t change that is a power meter, since you wouldn’t have to depend on virtual power at that point.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

(Heather Galindo (Meat Fight)) #3

Okay, thanks Jason. If I had a smart trainer, would that solve my problem? Not sure what all those include in the calculations. But for as much as power meters cost, I might as well wait and splurge on a smart trainer if it would handle that problem for me. 

(Jason K) #4

Most smart trainers would solve this, and one of the wheel-off trainers might suit you best since you have a different tire size. :slight_smile: