Tire is slipping [fixed]

(Glenn Verboomen) #1


Im currently following the ‘4wk FTP boost workout’.
Today i had to speed up from 190w to 370w but I never managed to get there because my tire was slipping all the time.
I have a Tacx Smart Genious trainer and I already calibrated my tire with the Tacx app.
Can anyone help me out?

(Paul Allen) #2

Are you using a trainer tire?

(Glenn Verboomen) #3

Yes, the trainer tire from Tacx.

(Alan Boguslawski) #4

Try riding for ≥ 10 minutes before calibrating so that the trainer warms up. In my experience with the Tacx Vortex, warming it up before calibrating allows you to tighten the trainer on your tire more. 

(Glenn Verboomen) #5

Did you had any troubles afterwards? Seems like a good solution!

(Alan Boguslawski) #6

I didn’t have any troubles. I should probably clarify that I mean that I can tighten it more while keeping the calibration in the center of the range (Assuming calibration for the Genius works the same as the Vortex). If you try to recalibrate it before it warms up again, it will say that you tire is too tight, but it will return to being normal after it has a chance to warm up. 

(Glenn Verboomen) #7

I did what you told me and there is a huge difference indeed. After warming up for around 12 minutes, the arrow between too loose and to tight just went straight to ‘to tight’.
I recalibrated my tire so I hope it’s fine now, i’ll try it tomorrow!

Thanks for your help, I hope it solves my problem.

(Glenn Verboomen) #8

Still the same problem after the calibration. My tire isn’t too loose or too tight.
Any other solutions?

(Glenn Verboomen) #9

If I pair my device, I’ve got 2 options: the Tacx pwr 3440 and the Tacx Genious 3440.
If I select the pwr 3440 option it starts slipping if I paddle high wattages like 300+.
If I delect the Tacx Genious 3440 I can paddle 370w with some affort but manually.

Am I the only one suffering this problem?
Its also my last day of the trial and I’d like to subscribe, but not this way…

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #10

I had a tire slippage problem with my Wahoo SNAP, but it was solved completely by replacing my road tire with a Vittoria Zaffiro Pro trainer tire.


What does Tacx have to say?  It’s their trainer and their tire, seems like they should have some suggestions.

(Glenn Verboomen) #11

I forgot to say that the problem is solved.
My smart trainer was the whole time connected to the Tacx app.
I switched bluetooth off and closed the Tacx app.
It’s all fine now!