Tiny Races - Logistical Question

Having my first go at the Tiny Races this Saturday and hoping to complete all four back-to-back.

Since this is something I’d rather not have to repeat, due to any ■■■■-ups on my part, I have a simple question about the logistics.

As an ATV user, do I need to save, exit and then log back in after each event or can I remain on course at the end of each race and (hopefully) be re-directed to the next course via the Event Reminder pop-up? I just want to make sure that the data from each race is saved and synced with Strava & Garmin. Thanks.

You might want to tag @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn so that he sees rhis

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not all that savvy; how Do I tag Eric?

It’s just the @ then start typing Eric and he will show up. I tagged him in my first post, so there is no need to tag him again

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To be safe I would suggest restarting, you have nothing to loose doing that.

Just exit and save is what I prefer to do especially with Zwift naming sometimes going haywire.

you can skip directly between events once one finishes just use the join event for the next.

No need to save and quit etc between

Gordon is right!

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Cheers guys; looking forward to it :fearful:

Nah you are fine… I did the race last week and just went from crossing the line, to pressing join and into the next pen…

No need to leave and then rejoin zwift.

Is this using Zwift on Apple TV?

How do I go from the gaming screen to the home page in order to join the next event? I can’t remember if I can do that from the “pause” screen?

Sorry for all the questions but my set-up’s in the garage and I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to play around with it before the races.

Yes on ATV.

Start free ride
Join 1st race as normal - Via Join here button
Finishing screen
Press ok - Either remain here or return to original world
You will then have the join here button bottom left corner which will drop you into the start pen
(Believe me, you will want the 5misn soft pedalling in the pen)
^^^ Repeat

Something close to that…

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Brilliant, thanks for that Lee, it’s much appreciated :ok_hand:

I’m just hoping I can finish the first race before the next one begins :rofl:

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… but don’t forget to complete the km/mile you’re in if there’s time before jumping to the next race.

Gotta maximise that sweet, sweet XP!


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