Timing over routes

Hi, I recently done my first AdZ. I plan to do this a couple of times a month, I just wondered on my next attempt will it just show my previous overall time? Or will it show or is it possible to show it comparing against my record in real time? As I obviously want to get faster each attempt

When you are close to the summit (around 500m from the finish line, perhaps?) and for a short while after passing under the finishing arch, you’ll see your AdZ times for the last 30 days only, in a leaderboard on the left.
(By the way, after you’ve done two ascents, you will also see your PRs for each of the 21 sectors presented in a graphic on the lower left, but as soon as you arrive at the next sector, you cannot view or retrieve the data from previous or subsequent sectors.)

From what I’ve read here, many people use Strava to automatically capture and compare detailed data of their AdZ rides (and others in Zwift), which isn’t limited to only 30 days, either.