Timing of app update for iPad

I the zwift app has just become availble to update on the ipad with Leith Hill added, but this was actually released 3 days ago. Why has it just been promoted on App Store? On the first day I landed up Cycling by myself, it was pointed out I needed to update the app. With out an update option I had to delete and reinstall.  So not sure what happened on timing. Maybe the app with map updates should be released before map is scheduled to be ridden to give a mint for more for it to appear on App Store.

The iOS app with the London expansion was released several days before our very first London day was on the calendar.   As long as you have auto-updates turned on and you plug your phone in to charge at night Apple should push you the updates to Zwift automatically, as they do for all apps.  There shouldn’t ever be a need to delete and reinstall on iOS, we’ll look into why support would have mentioned that.

Thnaks,I don’t have auto updates turned on l manually update when prompted but I look everyday. So it looks like the prompt to update was late rather then the app being available,

The reason I don’t have auto updates is I have experience problems with some work apps (good - which we use for secure email) going live before work software  changes had been made

I see, makes sense.  The update that was posted today is the second update that has London in it (it fixes a bug or two), so you probably just missed the first one on the past Sunday.