Hi all,
New to zwift and would like to do a tt event but never seem to find one at a suitable time. The bologna seems to be just cat a but I reckon I’m a cat d, would I be able / wasting my time if I sign up for it

I think that all depends what you mean by ‘wasting’ your time. If you’d like to win then perhaps this could be considered a waste. But if your goal is just to test your fitness and better your skills week after week then I’d say just go ahead and enter.

Personally I like the ‘Time Trial Tuesday’ events. The times aren’t always great, but they alternate between the Bologna and Tempus Fugit courses at each time slot. Doing a time trial over and over again on the same course is a great way to learn how to measure your effort. I’d say just sign up and give it a whirl. If you like it, GREAT! If not, perhaps look for some sort of alternative or sign up for a Zwift TT workout plan.

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You can look at https://zwifthacks.com/app/events/ and filter TT events.

I did not see the Event with only A cat, there are one with A and B where A is men and Women.


Nice one thanks lads :+1:t2: