Timers don't activate after quitting group activity

I joined a group activity for the first time today and found it wasn’t quite what I was hoping.  I decided to leave the activity after a few minutes and noticed on my solo ride that sprint timers and lap timers were not activating (didn’t do any KOMs.)

Are these timers usually disabled in group rides, and do they fail to reactivate when quitting such a ride?

It would be nice for the regular features like KOM/sprint timers and power-ups to reactivate when you continue riding after a workout or group ride finishes. 

Hi Matt, 

They defineltey should reactivate! Did you notice you were alone in the world, or anything like that? 

Nope, riders all around me!

I just noticed that the sprint timer didn’t come on (and I rode past it more than once), and that my laps weren’t timed either (but maybe I wasn’t taking the correct route?)