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(Sasha Holdsworth) #1

Hi Guys,
I have seen that we are unable to set the timezone on ‘the island’ however when I am loading my data into Strava, my ride is showing up with the correct date, ie my ride yesterday was on the 15/1 and showed in strava with the title 15/1, but in my activities log for strava the ride has been attached to 14/1 (which is the time zone in the US when I was riding - I’m in Australia). Is there any way to fix this? I’d kinda like my rides to appear in strava on the days I am doing them!!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Sasha,

This is most likely a property of Strava using the actual time zone of Jarvis Island, the real life Island that is the stand-in for Zwift Island. Every time you ride in Zwift (currently), Strava thinks you are actually, physically riding on Jarvis Island.

I’m thinking international dateline shenanigans are at play regarding the difference in days. This is temporary as we won’t be always there.

(Cory Tomlinson) #3

I think something changed here at some point during the last week or so. For the last few rides I have been unable to sync my photos from Instagram and tonight I realized the time of my rides does not match up with the time my screenshots are saved and uploaded to Instagram. If I look back a week to the last time my Instagram photos synced with my ride the times match up.

(Cory Tomlinson) #4

Thinking about this for a second it might actually correspond to the addition of the auto upload to Strava feature. Would that make any sense?

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5

I see this too. I’m in the United States on Eastern time and my ride time shows up six hour earlier than before. I’m uploading my local .fit file. The time was accurate a few weeks ago, but the past several rides are all off. It doesn’t correspond to any changes from Zwift in their local client code so maybe it is something different from Strava.

It has prompted questions from my Strava followers if I’m waking up at 2am to ride and as another person points out it break Instagram integration.

(Carraway Precia) #6

WTB the ability to alter the time to my timezone. Possible to hack the .fit file?

(Abhi Rao) #7

I would really like to have the data in my timezone rather than “the Island’s”. Give’s a clearer picture of the day on which I have actually worked out.

(Steve Whiteley) #8

This timezone thing is causing me problems. There should be a local time option. I use Strava fitness and freshness chart and it often shows I’ve done two workouts in one day and messes up all the numbers. 

At the moment I’m using www.fitfiletools.com to edit the time, bit of a hassle. 


(Tim McCallum) #9

I experienced the same issue yesterday - Rode at roughly 19:44 on 7th April local time in Melbourne Australia, but it has turned up in Strava as 23:44 on the 6 April…

Interestingly, the time is displayed correctly on the Strava mobile app, but incorrectly on the Strava website… On face value, this looks like a Strava side issue.

(Chris Soper) #10

Has this been resolved? Have the same issue from Scotland where my evening rides show as the next day at around 6AM, quite annoying to track them 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #11

There has been no change, Chris. At the moment, we do not control when and which time zone Strava attaches to the FIT file.

(Joe Pirelli (C)) #12

Yeah, this is quite a nuisance as it puts my training on the wrong day, thus affecting how my fitness and freshness are calculated.

Zwift can set the timezone to the users location I’d think?  There are two possible solutions:

Use the actual island time if Strava is using the island timezone

Correct the timezone and use client time.

Zwift call up Strava and simply solve this, you two should work together since I bet 99% of your users are Strava premium members as well.

This problem did not exist with Zwift Island.

Either way, this makes using Zwift a disruption to my training program since it is improperly logging.

(Ross Adams) #13

Zwift,  I have the same “time corrupted data” error message when attempting to upload my ride to Strava.  If this is NOT fixed, I will NOT be purchasing or signing up to Zwift.  It is a real annoyance.  I agree, you and Strava should be working together.  Don’t make us users “hack” or hassle with the file.  I just want it to work!!  Thanks.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #14

Hi Ross,

This is how Strava chooses to interpret the data since it takes place on an actual geographical location. As stated earlier, we do not control when and which time zone Strava decides to attach to your FIT file. We’ve asked them to look into it.

(Ross Adams) #15

Hey Gang, found this “tool” to modify the .fit files to correct the file.  Still a pain.

But it fixes it…

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