Time to update the Category limits shown in events?

I joined one of the Zwift Crit Club events yesterday and noticed on the Zwift signup page and in the pens that the category limits were shown as 3.2-4.0w/kg (for B cat).

Those old limits don’t apply anymore do they since Zwift has switched to the zFTP/zMAP categorization system?

It should now be:

4.2w/kg for A cat
3.36 to 4.2w/kg for B cat
2.625 to 3.36 for C cat
< 2.625 for D cat

It might be nice to update this for future events to avoid confusion and keep in line with the current categorization system.

Yeah probably.

I think it’s more habitual for me (I set up all Zwift owned race events) and I’ll try to remember for the next round of updates I make.