Time to get child's account recently

Has anyone gotten a children’s account recently? I filled out the form for my little guy and haven’t heard anything back and just wondering what the time to hear back is. I know they are dealing with a huge volume of new riders, and figure it would take some time, so I just wanna know about how long it should be. I haven’t told my son that it’s even gonna happen, so at least he’s not nagging me every day asking if he can ride with me today.

Hi @Gregory_Keller1, last I heard it was 7 - 10 days, but that could be better or worse now? How long has it been?

did it last month and was about a week… enough time to pass for my young teenager to lose interest altogether.

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Think it’s been about 5-6 days. Honestly can’t remember. So shouldn’t take more than 5 days from now. Cool. thanks.

It was a few days, and really easy to do! My kid is still at it a few weeks later, with the new weight update its even better.

Just new to zwift and absolutely loving it! Hoping to get my young teen off the PlayStation couch, so put my request in last Friday (4 days ago).
I really hope it won’t be long until he gets his account approved, or he might lose interest. :frowning:

OR…Is this a good alternative option, guys? Thinking of signing him up now as an adult, then deleting that account when his proper children account kicks in. That way he can start today! (Seeing as I just achieved my first 5km ride today!! Wahoo!!)

Hi @Jane_Brinkman, welcome to zwift. Child accounts usually take 7 days to setup, so it shouldn’t be but a few more days. I wouldn’t setup a paid account for him, once his free one is ready he will have to start all over and will lose all his progress, xp, drops, etc.

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