Time sensitive Programs cancelled without warning

Hi all. new rider here, 6 months in. I was ten weeks into Build Me Up and then saw it vanish. I have contacted support, but was not satisfied. I am copying my letter to them.

I don’t understand how your logged time can be deleted without warning!

Here is my email.

Hi again

Regarding this issue, I have since discovered that ZWIFT automatically cancels any time-based program once the time limit has been reached.

That is fine, if the rider expects special awards, but some of us are doing these for fitness, and may miss time for legitimate reasons.

For example, in week 8 I had an achilles injection and could not ride for ten days.

IN week ten, I had nail surgery and lost another week.

So because of medical time-outs I have lost TEN WEEKS OF WORK, and worse, cannot complete the program and take the FTP TEST! That was the ultimate goal.

What REALLY burns me is that ZWIFT provided NO warning that this would happen. Why?

On a related forum, I see that this problem was raised by many other riders some time ago - and ZWIFT responded - but offered no fix.

I have two suggestions:

(1) Install a Button that allows extra time but means your designation would be different.
(2) CLEARLY state on the summary screen (par chart showing progress) that the rider has X weeks/days left to complete the program.

The most current update has all sorts of bells and whistles - many of which are much more complicated that the fixes I am suggesting.

This experience has me looking elsewhere, even for less of an experience. My logged time should NEVER be lost.

Thank you


Which programme are you trying to complete?

Build Me up - I was all set for week 11, two, 2-hour sessions. My FTP had increased from 146 to 235, my VO2 Max from 32.5 to 39.6.

All the build me up workouts are available outside the training plan, so you can still complete them on your own schedule.

Well, that is helpful. I don’t know why this was not mentioned in my 30-minute chat yesterday?

The order is not the same as I recall, but that is better than nothing.

As to my two suggestions?


Will happily flag to our team for review.

That is one thing that is cool about workout programs. They are available after the program ends, and you can also make a local copy of workouts and edit them, and make your own copies and edit them to make them harder/lighter, and remove (or add) cadence goals.

I have copied some of the great workouts I’ve done in the various programs, and have used them to push my training. It’s what makes Zwift so beneficial to me.