Time Offset for Watts

I still have one wish, I’m driving a Kettler Racer S and I’m very happy with the gear shift, etc. HOWEVER, is it possible that you can set an offset for the watts?
This means: you drive up a small hill and then down again! Since the watts come so staggered in places that you are already up on the mountain and then the watts only jump up and when you are actually down again it takes longer 2-3 seconds until the watts go down again.
I think that will be the case for many, so it would be great if a biker could adjust the wattage by a few seconds forward or back to make driving more realistic! Such as. if the audio track does not match a video and you have to move it a bit so that it fits the video!
Would that be feasible? Would be really great if that were possible. I’m definitely not the only one who needs it!