Time error?

Recently did the Alpe du Huez. My colleague finished ahead of me with a recorded time of 59:10 min. According to the timing on the screen I was close to 2min behind him, which should’ve given me a 61:00 min ride time yet the time recorded 65:00 min. Please advise

Did you start together? As in roll over the starting line for the climb next to each other?

When you say he was two minute in front do you mean on the right hand side he was +2.00, or do you mean on the left hand leaderboard he was 2 minutes in front?

Your time of 65 minutes where was the displayed? That was the time shown on the left in the leaderboard?

Thanks for connecting:

  1. We may have been a few seconds apart at the start - not more than 10sec and i was i lead.
  2. on the rhs it recorded the 2 min gap.
  3. The 65min appeared in a box on the top of screen - where it compares you to other riders on the day ie it shows two boxes at top of screen - mine on the left and another to the right.

The time on the right could be a few things but let’s assume it is how long it would take you to get to the other rider’s position if they stopped and you kept going the same speed.

So if it was 2 minutes for the whole climb then that’s weird and something must have gone wrong but it was just 2 minutes when you remember looking at it near the end that could still be weird but isn’t necessarily. For instance if the other rider rode over the line and stopped or slowed than the time gap would decrease. I notice the time gap changes a lot when the gradient changes and when you ride through the borders of maps.

Have you had a look on strava to compare times?

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This article may provide some insight:

Basically, the time gap you see on the right side of the screen is based on each rider traveling at 30 km/h. So, if you’re going slower than that you’re really farther behind than what the gap shows, and if above that speed you’re closer. This is the reason that if you’re behind someone and they crest a climb while you’re still going up the gap starts to grow really quickly, but then drops back down once you crest and start descending.


Yeah, that “time gap” can be really deceptive. Since they know the distance between you and the other riders, it shouldn’t be much more difficult to divide by actual speed instead of assuming a speed of 30 km/h

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