Tickr X

Hi after the 2nd update I was able to use the tickr x for running (no heart rate data) but was working fine
3rd update can pair tickr x but my Avatar doesn’t run but heart rate is displayed
4th update still the same

Have uninstall Zwift and installed again still the same

Honor 9 Lite
Android version 8.0.0

Are you using ANT + to connect? If so, unfortunately at this moment it is not officially supported so there may be some pairing issues. It’s pretty unpredictable right now. If it’s possible for you to pair via BLE I would try that. 

We also have an even newer update released at the moment so feel free to share your experiences with it when you can! 

Sorry didn’t add i was using Bluetooth didn’t think ANT + was supported. I even tried Treadmill Speed Transmitter from Play store, this was transmitted from another phone and picked up as a footpod and cadence but still my Avatar didn’t move. Have posted this on Facebook Zwift Android Users

I can’t pair the Tickr on the first pairing screen after logging in. I can pair my Elite Direto. I then start to ride and click Pairing in the menu. Then I can pair the Tickr.
Using Samsung A8 and Bluetooth.