Tickr x cadence problems

I am having trouble with my Tickr x while running on Zwift. It seems like the cadence drops out several times and goes down to zero for 1-5 seconds. I even have trouble to get a pass on the calibration sequence due to these dropouts. I do not see the same behaviour for the pulse readings.

I usually run at a pace of 6 min/km.

This is the second Tickr x that I see this behaviour with so I am wondering if anyone else have the same experience and/or have tips for how to improve this or if this is just what you can expect from this sensor?

Can you expand on how you’re connecting it and the device you are using to run Zwift?

I am connecting it direct by BT to my Android phone.

When you say you struggle on the calibration sequence do you mean the 3 step speed calibration on the pairing screen?

If so then that’s but the cadence it’s the speed that’s not being transmitted.
When you are running within Zwift is your avatar stopping and starting or is it purely cadence reporting that stops?

Thanks for helping!

Yes, I mean the 3 step speed calibration on the pairing screen. I do not know what the message was but the seconds stoped counting down and then resumed after a few seconds.

Maybe I am mixing speed and cadence up, but what I mean is that the avatar stops running completely and then starts again after some seconds.

The HR reading is fine during these stops and seems to show the correct value so I guess that the Tickr is still contected to my phone all the time.

Do you get a smooth running experience with the Tickr X?

You are clearly experiencing some connectivity issues between your device and your Tickr X.
There is a known issue with Android and paring devices which is resolved by changing the location setting permission to only when using the app as opposed to always.

This error ordinarily stops pairing completely but can cause intermittent issues such as yours.

Secondly is the possibility of interference, make sure you’ve nothing else BT around you that could be clashing. Also if possible move your android device around to see if that stabilises things, hard if that’s what you are using to view I know but if you are casting to a larger screen you may have some flexibility.

Lastly and it can’t be ruled out but try changing the battery just in case that’s low or faulty.

I think you’ve missed that he’s said the heart rate is showing without issue so it’s not disconnecting, it’s just not sensing his steps.

Anders, have you had this issue since you bought the TickrX, or has it just recently started? You might be better asking Wahoo for support on this and I’d be interested to know what they say.

I’ve not missed the point.
Zwift connects the HR, speed and cadence as seperate entities so is entirely possible to suffer connectivity issues from one without the other. The way the data is collected differs with each part.

For example my NPE Runn can often drop cadence reporting whilst maintaining the speed.

Before rushing to contact wahoo/the supplier i would rule out some of the simple things above.
Potentially go for a short run outside to see if the problem is replicated.

Thanks for enhancing my understanding. I’m sorry to have been wrong, I’m glad I said “I think” and I’m happy to be corrected. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries Paul.

It’s almost my mastermind subject.

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Thanks. Seems to be some ideas to test. This is the second Tickr x that I get similar issues with, so that makes me think it is not the sensor itselt. I will definitely try a short run outside that should rule out any interference from other devices. I will also try to use another phone to see if that might be the issue.