Tickr won't pair with zwift, pairs with everything else

(Brian Shaw) #21

I dropped the wahoo fitness app from my iPhone (I am lucky enough to have another phone) since then never had a connection issue. I was told by wahoo to force quit the wahoo app, but that didn’t seem to work, just getting rid of it did. Hope this helps others.

(Chuck) #22

I’ve tried it all. I have not been able to link the tickr to my Zwift on my iphone. May just return it and get something from Fisher Price. This just shouldn’t be that freakin difficult. GRRR!!!

(Zach Mellion) #23

I’ve been following this forum and have tried everything suggested.  I have also contacted Wahoo support but it appears to be a Zwift issue (and extremely frustrating).  I’ve removed every app on my iPhone that connected to my TickrX but my iPhone will still pick it up some times.  The only way I can get Zwift to see my TickrX is if I turn off my iPhone when I launch Zwift.  Even then, Zwift will often see the TickrX but then say “No Signal”  I frequently have to take the TickrX off while riding, wait about 15 minutes, and then try to re-pair.  It’s been extremely frustrating to say the least and I’ve lost a lot of ride time over it.  I finally sent Zwift a message today as it’s been over 2 months trying to figure this out without a consistent result.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #24


What device are you running Zwift on? If it is a Mac or PC I would suggest using an ANT+ dongle and that should resolve your issue.

(Zach Mellion) #25


I’m running Zwift on a new MacBook Pro.  I was trying to avoid the ANT+ dongle but that might be the solution.  Thank you!

(Brad Silverberg) #26

FWIW, I have had success connecting my Tickr to via BT to a MacBook Air (and MacBook Pro) directly rather than to the Mobile Link app.   Connecting a BT HRM to the Mobile Link app remains very flaky but 80% reliable connecting directly to the Mac.

(David) #27

I’m in the same cap as many of you… difficulty pairing a TICKR.  If I remove the battery and replace it the blue and red lights begin to flash and I can pair to Zwift no problem.   But after a ride it will never re-pair.   No blinking lights on the Tickr at all.  Has anyone else seen this problem?   I assume I have a defective Tickr, but not sure.  I am using a PC with ANT+ dongle.  My Garmin HR and one other I tested work perfectly.   I’d like to get the Tickr working to eventually migrate to all BT sensors and Apple TV or ipad…but obviously want a working BT HR monitor.   Your’re likely the best group to comment on whether you think my Tickr is bad since the lights don’t blink.   Also, if I leave the battery in for a day, I need to change to fresh battery the following day…seems like a bad sign to me…



(Tracey Adams) #28

I couldn’t get my head wrapped around connecting my Tickr at first either, then I realized, when they say it can only connect to one thing at a time they mean it; not your phone, not your computer, not your iPad or any other app. It can’t be connected to anything. Once you make sure of that it will turn up on your Zwift like magic. At least that was my experience this morning.

(Brian Shaw) #29

This is why I got rid of the wahoo fitness app as it was automatically connecting through the iphone.  I use the Apple TV app for zwift, and have a wahoo cadence sensor.  So I usually connect to the kickr and then candence and then attempt the tickr.  I am told there are too many connections.  I then open the zwift app, repair the candence and tickr.  I have recently have had the tickr connection drop off during rides the past couple days so who know what will happen down the line.  I was told by wahoo to force close the fitness app, however I was connecting either way.  The only way that I figured it out was when I turned on my phone and looked at the BT connections and saw that the tickr was already paired to the phone without an app open.

(David) #30

Thanks…great comments about Tickr fickleness.   I told my iphone to “FORGET THIS DEVICE” for the Tickr only to see it constantly pairing… so annoying.   I turned off everything, replaced the tickr battery, paired successfully with Zwift and started my ride.   Halfway through the Tickr started reporting bogus HR data, so I took it off and switched to Garmin HR.  Worked perfectly.   I think I’ve given Wahoo enough of my time.   Probably just use Garmin ANT+ and a CABLE device to convert ANT+ to BT for use with Apple TV (the end goal).

Maybe newer tickr’s are better… I couldn’t find anyway to check on firmware rev or update


(Marcus Gaskell) #31

Had the same issues with my TICRX and connecting via Bluetooth to my Apple TV. It would seem that the issue is with the Wahoo Fitness App as this seems to override the Apple TV connection as I’ve deleted the Wahoo Fitness App and the TICRX now shows up fine.  I guess now the issue will be each time you need to update the firmware on your KICKR or TICKRX! Or can you do thisvia the Wahoo Utility mobile app instead?


(Richard Mulligan ) #32

I have the TickrX and have numerous problems connecting, bumped from race results because of it too, my Wife has the regular TickR using the same trainer but her own phone with zero problems connecting, so I started using that too  but having occasional problems connecting. (to Zwift) the wahoo app and Strava see it just fine thanks. Will try closing all apps and BT starting companion then turning BT on and see that helps

(Mark Johnson) #33

I have also has had problems with Tickr connecting with Bluetooth. I have a setup with Zwift running on iPad and iPhone acting as a Hotspot to Verizon 4G.  Whenever Zwift (on iPad) does not connect to Tickr, I see that my iPhone already grabbed the connection to Tickr. What is really frustrating is that on the iPhone there is no “i” icon for Tickr Bluetooth connection, so there is no way to “Forget this Device”. I need the iPhone powered on since I am using it as a hot spot. Usually, through a combination of powering up/down iPad and iPhone, I can eventually get it to work. If only “Forget this Device” on iPhone worked for Tickr this problem would be solved. So, this appears to be a Wahoo or iOS problem and not Zwift.

(Roger Schenone) #34

I recently purchased the Wahoo Kickr and had no problems connecting the Wahoo Tickr via the Zwift companion mobile app via my iphone (7); but only for the first two rides, for the last month I have ridden without the Tickr HR monitor. 

I connect the Kickr and the wahoo cadence devices via my Apple TV (version 4) but the Zwift mobile app no longer “sees” the Tickr.    I have followed all the earlier suggestions and confirm that the Tickr is not connected to my iphone, the wahoo apps (removed that app), reboot my iphone before each ride and ensured that the Tickr is not connected to any other device.    The zwift app never sees the Tickr.   Any help is appreciated.

interestingly, when I try to pair the Tickr in the Zwift mobile app, the only choice I see under the “Paired Devices” screen is an option for the Power Source or Speed Sensor.   I only need to pair HR sensor - where do I get that option? 

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #35


Are you using the Zwift Companion App to bridge the Tickr signal to the Zwift App on the ATV? There is a difference between the Zwift Mobile App and the Zwift Companion App. The ZMA can be used to run Zwift on an iPhone and the ZCA is used to bridge Bluetooth connections to the Zwift App and can be used for in-game controls and more.

(Richard Mulligan ) #36

FYI I seem to get better luck pairing the HRM by wetting the strap, wether it gives it a stronger signal who knows, also bear in mind the Apple TV will only see two BT devices Sometime logging in and getting to the ride screen then backing out to to menu and pairing sometimes works.

(Roger Schenone) #37

Paul Allen, thanks for the support.   To confirm, the Wahoo Kickr and cadence connect to my Apple TV via the Zwift app on my Apple TV.   I had and am trying to connect the Wahoo Tickr to Zwift via the Zwift Companion app on my iPhone 7plus (the blue Zwift app).   The Tickr had originally connected without any problem.   Now unfortunately for the past several weeks the I cannot connect the Tickr to Zwift.  The companion app sees to no devices connected and instructs me to go to the paired devices screen in the Zwift game app to pair devices.    Yet when I go to the Zwift game app (orange app on my iPhone) it does not “see”any devices nor gives me a screen to connect to a HRM.      Note that on the paid devices screen in Zwift app on my iPhone there is no option to connect to a HRM, just to “power source” or “speed sensor


I can confirm the battery is fine and that the sensors or wetted prior to trying to connect.  


Any thoughts?   I ride with my Apple Watch (v2) and can confirm that it is NOT connected to either Zwift apps.   


Thanks again and look forward to your feedback.