Tickr won't pair with zwift, pairs with everything else

(Thomas Orth ZMR M40) #1

I have no trouble pairing my kickr or cadence sensor via blootooth, but the tickr HRM won’t pair via bluetooth. It pairs with my outdoor GPS (ANT+ unit) and my iphone just fine (Wahoo Utility via Bluetooth). Can’t find anything in the knowledge base about this.

(Brad Silverberg) #2

I have the same problem – I have trouble with Zwift connecting to my Tickr HRM via Bluetooth.  It occasionally works but most of the time it doesn’t.  The iPhone shows that the Tickr is connected but Zwift can’t find it.  It shows up in the Wahoo utility but not Zwift.  I also tried connecting directly to my Macbook Air rather than through the Zwift mobile link.   No luck.   Zwift has no trouble finding my trainer with Bluetooth (Tacx Neo) whether via the iPhone or directly from the Macbook Air.

I have been frustrated enough with this where I’m standing there for 10-15 minutes trying to get the Tickr to connect, sometimes not succeeding and riding without HRM, that I bought a Polar H7 HRM.  Zwift has a much easier time finding it.  Not 100% but much better than the Tickr.

(Jason K) #3

Make sure you’re not pairing your TICKR with anything else at the same time you’re trying to connect with Zwift. BLE only pairs with one device at a time, so if it’s connected with any other device or software, Zwift can’t find it.

(Brad Silverberg) #4

Hi Jason, Thank you.  That’s what I have – the iPhone is the only device connected to the Tickr.  The Mac Air has Bluetooth turned off, and the Garmin 520 is also turned off. I killed every app on the iPhone, rebooted the iPhone, and the only apps running are Settings and Zwift Mobile Link.  Settings shows the phone is connected to the Tickr via Bluetooth, and Mobile Link is the only other app running.  Yet Mobile Link will not connect to the Tickr.  However, I can get Mobile Link to connect to the Polar H7.   Thanks.

(Lee Smith) #5

Brad, do not pair the TICKR to your phone before launching the Mobile Link. The TICKR should be completely unpaired to any device. Then either ZWIFT or the Mobile Link can pick it up.

(Brad Silverberg) #6

Lee, I’ve tried it with the Tickr completely unpaired to any device, and all apps killed on my phone.   Then I run Mobile Link and it still will not reliably pair with the Tickr (or any other BT HRM I’ve tried).   I can get it to more reliably pair with the computer (Macbook Air) , especially if I have BT turned off on the phone.  After I succeed in pairing the HRM and trainer (Tacx Neo Smart) to the Mac Air, I run Mobile Link.   For whatever reason, Mobile Link will pair with the trainer but not reliably with a HRM.


(* Free Ride MTB - WBR) #7

Ive had this for a while… out of my kickr, cadence and tickr HRM the tickr has always been the hardest for zwift to pick up

Recently its just stopped seeing it. Pairs with my phone fine, the wahoo app shows its working.

Zwift just doesn’t see it. Any suggestions team?

(Chase Ertzberger (WBR)) #8

Lee Smith, you’re suggestion just worked for me on my iPad Air. I could get the Tickr to show up on the Wahoo app, but not in Zwift. 

I finally unpaired the sensor from the iPad and ran Zwift… and against all intuition and experience, Zwift found it! Make sure the sensor is not connected to ANYTHING, not even the phone/iPad it’s connected to.

(Philip Varner) #9

Having the same issue. I have turned off my phone, ipad, and anything else I can find. Tickr will refuse to show up in Zwift anymore. It used to work fine until last week or so. If I turn my phone back on, I can see it fine in the Wahoo Utility. If I turn on my Elemnt is pairs right up. My Wahoo BlueSC pairs fine with BT to Zwift fine also. But the Tickr just wont pair anymore.

(Philip Holley) #10

I had the same trouble and despite the battery showing 2.92 volts I put in a new one and that seems to have resolved the issue.

(Philip Varner) #11

That was the first thing I tried as that is usually a sign a battery is going. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. I can run LightBlue on my Mac and it will see the Kickr. It’s just the Zwift App itself is not handshaking with it. It will connect to my iphone and my wahoo elemnt just fine still. Zwift logs show that it cannot connect, but it’s not connected to anything else at the time. 

(Philip Holley) #12

Well that was only a temporary fix. It worked fine last night after replacing the battery. Then this morning at it was back to the same problem. Zwift does not see it on my iPhone via Bluetooth. Retraced all steps and it works with ANT on computer and Wahoo Firness on Bluetooth. Really aggravating.

(Philip Holley) #13

I tried to connect a different Bluetooth heart monitor that my wife has and it did work on both my iPhone and iPad.  It is one from her Orange Theory class. I then tried to connect my Tickr and it worked but only temporarily then would not connect again.  I again tried the OT monitor and it continued to work perfectly numerous times.  I’m thinking it may be my specific Tickr so I will try and exchange it and see if a new one will work. 

(Paul Allen) #14


Also make sure that the Tickr is not connected to any other device or app, this includes your iphone/ipad. Bluetooth can only connect to once device/app at a time.

I have been use a Tickr (as well as a a lot of people on Zwift) with little issue. 

Make sure you put in a new battery and make sure that the firmware is up to date using the Wahoo app.

(Philip Varner) #15
  1. It is not connected to anything else. I turned off all bluetooth capable devices except the Macbook.


  1. Tried a new battery.


  1. Firmware is up to date via utility on iphone.


  1. Others with Macbooks are posting about this issue on Facebook with the Tickr.



(Philip Holley) #16

Depending on which Philip that was directed to I had already done all of that and nothing worked. Solution - I found the receipt and was within the one year window with Performance bike and exchanged it today. Just tested it and it connects fine. Good luck to the other Philip.

(Peter Ras | HIK) #17

I tried everything but I have also the same problems. First it works great, but it seems that the problem occurred after the zwift update this week.

I use zwift on my IPAD


(Bacon Cline) #18

I too am incredibly frustrated. TickrX will not pair—not even visible on my Apple TV 4K nor iPhone app. But it is perfect with other wahoo apps. I know to emsure it is paired to nothing else. I even went so far as to power off my iphone and wife’s iPhone. Any other options? For what it’s worth, firmware is up to daye and the battery is new.

(Brian Shaw) #19

I bought the tickr+ just because I have a Kickr and the wahoo candence sensor.  I am so aggravated with the HRM issues I am having along with the apple tv as if I am I going through apple tv it will connect no issue, however then I am told there are too many devices and when I try and use the “link” through the iPhone it doesn’t work.  I am wondering the following:

When I open up my iPhone and look at the bluetooth devices in the iPhone settings, it doesnt display the icon that has “information” about the bluetooth device that all the others have that are paired.  I have the wahoo application on my iphone as well and it will show the tickr is paired.

Just wondering if the Wahoo app somehow “hijacks” the connectivity and then causes the connection issues.


(bud kuenzli) #20

I had the same issue (TICKR could not connect to Zwift) and found the answer here. In my case my iPhone had connected with my TICKR and my Wahoo app was connected. After disconnecting both my TICKR was able to be seen by Zwift. Oddly, I am quite sure I did not manually connect either since I last used my TICKR. Like Brian, above, my iPhone bluetooth setting do not show the Info symbol so disconnecting was not possible through that. I ended up turning off Bluetooth altogether, going to my Wahoo app and “forgetting” the TICKR, then restarting Zwift. Bingo.