Tickr keeps dropping out and affecting resistance

Over the past week, I have had problems with my TICKR dropping in and out during a ride. I am not sure if it is an ANT connection issue with the PC or a TICKR problem or a Zwift problem. It seems to have been an issue since the last update. Not sure how to trouble shoot signal issues.

I have changed the battery on the TICKR and it seems to be OK.

I also noticed that when it dropped out, the resistance in the TACX Vortex trainer wasn’t as hard, which I thought was odd. I wasn’t aware that the trainer resistance would be connected with the riders heart rate. Does that mean that those virtual TDF riders who didn’t show a HR would have found it easier than the others ??? mmmm

Hey Wazza :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Try uploading your log file for the ride to www.zwiftalizer.com to check for ANT+ signal dropouts. I expect you will see a correlation between signal dropouts for the Tickr and signal dropouts for your trainer. That would explain the correlation between Tickr issues and trainer resistance going wonky.