Ticket SLA

(Trevor Dias) #1

What is the SLA for ticket response/ resolution please?


raised one over 24 hours ago and no reply. Not great service for paying customers? 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi S Nail,

We are experiencing an extremely high volume of support requests and are doing our best to answer them in the order they are received. Your patience is appreciated.

(Trevor Dias) #3

Ok but only so much patients people will have to pay fir something they can’t use. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Hi S Nail,

Totally understand. We are going as fast as we can - we are human after all :slight_smile: But I’ll see if I can get someone to look at the issue today.

(JD Griffis) #5

Just for reference, about how far back is the backlog? Knowing that, we can manage our expectations accordingly :slight_smile: