thumbs up from a keyboard?

(The Cannon) #1

If I hit the up arrow on my keyboard (I do not use my phone), a menu of options pops up. One of those options is a thumbs up. If I hit the right scroll button to scroll over to the thumbs up and hit enter, does the person who just passed me receive that thumbs up? Or someone else? Or no one? Thanks!

(Gerrie Delport) #2

That thumbs up does not give anyone a Blue thumbs up. that button make your avatar say “Ride on” and people around you can hear it. If you want to give a blue thumbs up you need to click on the person’s name and click on the orange thumb next to their name.

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #3

And, I might add, you can’t give a “Ride On” while in a work out.

I finally figured that out.

(The Cannon) #4

Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate that. I think that may have worked. It’s tough to click on their name, then click on the thumbs up, then it switches to me watching the person I gave a thumbs up to, then I have to click on back to me. Too many clicks while climbing Three Sisters radio towers and trying to breath! :slight_smile: Is there a faster easier way to give somebody a thumbs up from a tablet? Thanks alot

(Gerrie Delport) #5

If you have the mobile link app on your phone you can click on the little white circle around your rider on the map and then it will give ride-ones to all the riders around you.

this only work in free ride (not in group rides or races)


(a humphrey) #6

Thumbs up for ‘friends’ is not working on my android.